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    "Ban appeals forum"

    PLEASE NOTE: Scrapbot is an automated bot and send this message on behalf of the moderator team. Please do not reply to this message, it will not be seen. If you wish to open an infraction appeal, please PM a moderator. If you are banned, you may appeal by opening a thread in our Ban Appeals Forum. Thanks!

    Besides the fact that link doesn't work and i don't see a Ban Appeals Forum on the list and you cannot post when banned/suspended, should smoke signals be used?
    Make sure if you still play your voice is heard if it matters to you, Mine wasn't.
    Legion is doing slightly better than wod, seems like everyone likes rng and unlimited ap boys!
    BFA is another failure on Blizzard for leaving out information yet again despite promising communication with players while Azerite armor is an unfun system forced onto us to keep us grinding.

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    There is a ban forum you can post to when banned, but rarely does anyone read it, and even rarer does it make a difference.

    People have gone super-inflammatory to draw attention and only the most extreme shitting right in their faces has drawn any sign of life.

    As for PMing a moderator or supermoderator: Bullshit. You might as well write a message on toilet paper and flush it down the crapper for all the attention that gets.

    But no, don't talk about moderation, hooo-boy. That is the one and only thing that gets attention.

    The only thing that matters here is keeping the clicks and page-views flowing for their corporate overlords.

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    You can only see the ban appeals forum when you are banned. As the scrapbot message indicated, if you are not banned, you need to PM a moderator to open an infraction appeal.

    Every single appeal is reviewed, discussed and voted on by the moderator team.
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    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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