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    As a healer I have always tried to rely on audio as much as possible. Making WA's with audio I can recognize and get my immediate attention and modify DBM to have sound queue for only the most important things during the encounter. Having DBM bars next to your healingbars/grid works well for me so I can easily follow the progress through the fight if healing require too much attention.
    I have not tried it myself, but I could imagine if you get an eye-movement-tracker to show where your focus of attention is through the entire fight this could probably help as well to show if you are keeping your attention too much on the health bars of your raid or something else.

    Like most people here have said; know the fight. I would advise to learn the entire fight and not just "what you have to do as a healer", memorizing the entire fight makes it easier for you to react to what is comming next and still have excess to track your char.
    Agree strongly on this. I too use audio for as much as possible. I keep my DBM bars right under my character. I try to keep my eye movement right around from where my frames are and my character. Jeathebelle on his stream also talked about using a different language on DBM as that'll be something that's out of the ordinary and forces your attention to go to that. I changed all my DBM voice outputs to Chinese (I do understand Chinese).

    Similar to what Samsalittle said, learn the fight very well. Learn when there's bad overlaps or timings when you might die. More likely than not, deaths will come at similar points in the fight. For those parts get ready to use defensive, health pot, healthstones. Know what kills you and what doesn't.

    My mindset is that you can't heal if you're dead. So unless there is someone who needs to survive more than me (usually tank or maybe another healer), I'm not going to stand in mechanics in order to pump out healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NPI View Post
    Anyone knows a good camera settings, which works for bosses like Opulence?
    I've kept the camera angle the same. And instead twist my character around so that I can keep the camera constant.
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    I find that the only way forward to improve my own performance was to move my UI to be centered around the character model.
    It also helps to play BM Hunter, but you'd be surprised how many players can't simultaneously utilize the BM freedom of movement + the damage potential + given tasks such as baiting or absorbing etc.

    I'd say that making every piece of information centered around the character/slightly to the side and above helped me greatly with awareness. This goes for any class I play. That, and checking the fight out in video form, text form and in-game via the Dungeon Journal.

    Also, audio cues. Can be downloaded for DBM, not sure about BigWigs.
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    Tbh I like focusing my Ui around my healing bars as I do tend to stare at them the majority of the encounter. So I would move them to just below your character instead of slightly off to the left which also seems to obstruct the view of the left hand side of the screen. Then theres your tmw or weakauras, they are very important Even if you know your spell timings its very easy to miss them or get 1 less spell cast out during a fight. So they should also be fairly central on your screen as yours are in the video above. I like these just above my healing frames.
    As others have mentioned audio makes watching certain abilities just trivial. I can't remember which addon it is but one of mine literally calls out an ability that a mob in mythic+ or what is happening in a raid without me even knowing the mob is there

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    A clean UI is a good start, also try to watch videos of the fight, that helps a lot in awereness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesshin20 View Post

    Is a fantastic article written by Hamlet to read on this, It's still very much as relevant now as it was back then.


    Edit: I see it already showed up in this thread, not surprised. Was the first thing that came to mind after reading this title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesshin20 View Post
    So finally, the question is how can improve this? How can someone be better at deal with not just dodging bad stuff, but handle overlapping mechanics on the fly. I play a healer role by the way so I the hard part balancing my attention on watching healthbars, my cooldowns, timers and whats going on around my character.
    Well, usually watching the timers helps a lot, so if you're already doing that you should already know what you're dying to. Unless you're not paying enough attention to them.

    I guess prioritize yourself more. It's common for healers to watch their own health as just another box in the raid frames. But you can't heal anyone if you're dead, so heal yourself first. Even if the tanks are hurting, rely on the rest of the healers to keep them alive if you need to heal yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesshin20 View Post
    Hi there.

    So I am in a quite a good raiding guild now and I enjoy raiding with them quite a lot. I have always been seen on as quite good raider. No one ever picked on my skills during my 13 years of semi hardcore raiding.

    However, I keep analyzing our logs from raiding and the most interesting section to me is the bottom part of the death section. I find myself on progression sometimes in the lower half part of the people when it comes to staying alive. I average around 80-90%. Which means I am alive 80-90% of entire evening of raiding while we are in combat on bosses. The upper better part of the guild are more in the 85-95% area.

    I would like to improve this. I do prepare quite a lot for the fights. Watch movies beforehand, like Fatboss, Stankie guides. I read up on the abilities etc. I still end up like 2-3 dying to really stupid things during progression. I hate letting my guild down or halting them, though I have never been told I am doing so.

    So finally, the question is how can improve this? How can someone be better at deal with not just dodging bad stuff, but handle overlapping mechanics on the fly. I play a healer role by the way so I the hard part balancing my attention on watching healthbars, my cooldowns, timers and whats going on around my character.

    Thanks in advance for any advice that helps me be a better gamer.
    As others have said, a clean UI is very important. I swear by ElvUI and am fanatical about my clutter free UI.
    Also DBM (any raider not using this is not a raider IMO) WITH GTFO. GTFO is awesome to help let you know when you are in bad.
    I have played with guildies who hated it because they said it was annoying due to it always going off LOL. This was because they are bads and always standing in crap of course. Apart from a clean UI and DBM with GTFO there is not much else to it besides paying attention.
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    the biggest thing is before every pull mentally go through a checklist of things that could kill you and actually think about how you're going to avoid it.

    for example on opulence if you are on left side, you will think to yourself "ok, if i get volatile, what i will do is i will find a spot at the corner, then i will watch the boss (for crush direction) and my health bar ONLY and be ready to use cds/healthstone/healthpot if i drop low. if i get a bad combo like crush on top of me/volatile or volatile with fire lazer, i will use my immunity. all the while i will do as well on my rotation as i can without looking at my bars".

    practice glancing at DBM timers occasionally. practice making weakauras quickly. again an example on opulence is i have a weakaura for Hex of Lethargy where the icon pops up and then a goat noise repeats every 0.5 seconds until the debuff is dispelled. i never miss the fact that i have Hex of Lethargy.

    so first is to mentally review the deadly mechanics to you, and second is to mentally prepare for how you will deal with them. as a healer, the third thing to do is to mentally review when you will use your CDs.

    if you find you are dying often, try playing more conservatively. instead of trying to maximize time spent casting, just accept having some downtime and some weaker parses to stay alive.

    also on that death chart you mentioned, make sure you are putting in to the "Ignore after [ ] players have died" some number like 3 or 4. you might see the %s change a bit since if a wipe is called and you insta go stand in flames whereas some other scumbag is trying to boost his score on the meters he might have better % than you.

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    Lots of good advice in the thread.

    Or just play MW. Two big defensives on 90s cooldown, insane mobility/recover moves, passive self-healing from your raid healing abilities. This should not be an excuse for not planning mechanics and positioning but actually... if you fail at it most of the time you can survive it. Or use those tools in the planning to make things easier for you (and your raid).

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