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    Quote Originally Posted by Alleria Windrunner View Post
    What do people see in him? Enter generic shady villain Number #22. Ugh.

    The voice actor is very good, but the character himself? Just another malicious spiritual entity. Yawn.
    How is he a villain though? Because he's the Loa of Death? I mean I know that everyone hates the concept of death so they always portray any deity or leader of the domain to be bad (Hades, Bwonsamdi, Grim Reaper) but that's due to human emotion. Bwonsamdi isn't evil but he isn't good either. He's neutral but he cares about collecting as many souls as he can because he's an employee with someone higher up to answer to. He doesn't like Sylvanas, just like he wouldn't like the Valkyr and Odin or the Light, because they take away spirits that he could claim. When he creates deals it's usually that he helps someone but they must personally help collect a number of souls for Ol' Bwonsamdi. The exception is with King Rastakhan who he wanted to be elevated to the main Loa of the Zandalari so he is guaranteed to have a number of devout followers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnwho View Post
    Two dudes with spiky hair. I guess Bwonsamdi must be a discount Vegeta too.
    also this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayenoor View Post
    No lore is deep and original. Even Will Shakespeare freely poached ideas from folklores.
    Let's not get carried away here. A reference to X-men comics would have been sufficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    They're like both combined - Ryuk and Baron Samedi into Bwonsamdi.
    Bwonsamdi holds himself a lot more than ryuk than baron samedi.

    But they both influenced him for sure.

    His name "bwonsamdi" is a lot closer to "baron samedi". Almost identical.
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    I like him. Hopefully, he doesn't go the usual route of characters that are less than morally upstanding and becomes raid fodder.

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