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    How do you hakuna matata your way through life?

    I think of my younger self as having been a real bitchy faggot at times, I wasn't bad to the core but I had my moments where if I would look at myself from someone else's POV I would probably bash my own head into a wall until all the shit came out.

    In the past decade or so I've taken steps to move away from that side of myself, with largely good success, to the point where I go through each day now with a "live and let live, make your way without hurting anyone else" mentality.

    How-fucking-ever...I meet every now and then, mostly people who are my seniors, who act like such fucking spoilt, entitled, self-absorbed children that I can't help but think that one day I'm gonna pop and blast them into a mental place of no return with acid words meant to scorch their soul and open their eyes to their behaviour.

    If I were to dwelve into the philosophy of this would-be action, I imagine it's because I see in them what I see my younger self as, and I hate what I see, but moreover, it frustrates me that people of their age would still act like that at well, their age.

    I avoid going down that path by reminding myself that everything I do is meaningless and time on this earth is limited and that wasting my thoughts on such negative actions and negative people is a waste of one's time which is already a gift...

    ...but jesus fucking christ do I just want to tell these people every now and to just grow some balls, man the fuck up and just do what they have to do without a tsunami of bitching accompanying every one of their actions.

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    Make a conscious effort to not repeat the thought patterns that fire off in your brain when you get into situation where you feel the rage swelling up. When you feel the angry thoughts come to your head, try to remember to ask yourself "Why should I waste energy being mad about this?"

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    I strongly encourage you to do so. Not because I expect someone to fight you back but because those people deserve to hear it.
    "The Dark Lady chooses her champions well."

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    I mind my own business. It's enough thinking about how I should live and sort my life out, don't really have energy to waste it on others.

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    Life is too short, man, and you never know what's around the corner. Forget the small stuff, focus on the big stuff, and make the most of each day. Not saying you should blow all your money on cocaine and hookers--well, maybe the hookers--but enjoy life. Travel. Experience things. Don't focus too much on physical things, but focus on things that *ahem* spark joy. The other stuff--mental, emotional, physical--are just baggage that you can let slide off.

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