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    I don't nap ever during the day. If I try and nap during the day, I will wake up even more tired than I was before I napped. This is assuming I even fall asleep at all if I try to nap which is a struggle.

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    YES! I get very moody if I didn't get my 1 hour nap after work. and whoever tries to wake me up gets a splash of water to his/her face.

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    I have obstructive sleep apnea at more than three times the severe rate and a strong CNS component as well as chronic hypersomnia. Naps are a necessity; I prefer to limit my use of stimulants to excessive amounts of coffee and tea.
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    Your coffee.
    All the time. I have anorexia. When you don't eat you are always tired. Do not recommend.
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    Only when I get migraines which isn't often at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the game View Post
    Do you nap during the day if you dont have to work? On my weekends I often do to keep myself adjusted to working midnights. I sleep at night on my weekends as well. I do enjoy naps.
    I wish I had time to nap haha

    when I used to train twice a day, I got that tired/sleepy feeling and urge to nap after the first workout/after workout meal and it really made a difference when I just lied down on the couch for an hour instead of trying to soldier on the rest of the day. So yea if you have the time for it, go for it dude.

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    I generally just sleep whenever I feel the need to, especially when I'm not working.

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    I like naps on days off. Usually an hour or two.
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    Yes, every day my whole life. I just become so tired half though the day.

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    I am pretty much tired and hungry 24/7, so I've learned to ignore both feelings cause if I gave in I'd do nothing but sleep and eat all the time,

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    In Germany you're obliged to take a 30 minute break during an 8 hour work day anyways, so I usually seek out one of the unoccupied sick rooms we have at the office (just a tiny room with a doctor's couch, a blanket and some medical supplies) to crash there for half an hour.

    They're in an otherwise unused part of the building and marvelously quiet. That way I can get by with a little less sleep at night, have more energy at work during the second half on my day and more me time when I get home. On weekends and days off I go by necessity. Usually I don't need a nap since I just sleep in, but when I get drowsy during the day there's nothing to stop me from getting some rest.
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    Only on the drive home .
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    How do people have the time to nap for 1-2 hours EVERY DAY? Don't you guys work?

    On topic- No, normally if I do fall asleep during the day I am out for like 4-5 hours at least. I work graveyard shift so on my days off I normally stay up and go to sleep at night. Basically I end up spending 1 day a week up for at least 24 hours. Probably not too healthy but meh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnydruid View Post
    How do people have the time to nap for 1-2 hours EVERY DAY? Don't you guys work?
    Maybe not every day, but if I do that, it's in the evening after I'm off work. I imagine that can be difficult (if not impossible) to do if you have kids, but I don't.

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