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    Do you have completely 180 behaviour days?

    Does any else live with a variation of week to week or day to day behaviour going from completely:

    "I want to hug the birds and the bees and spark up honest conversation with everyone and blast the world with my sunshine personality"


    "I must stay away from society because all I do is bother people and I just need to sit in my corner, be quiet and go home without bothering anyone"


    At the same time you know you're not bipolar since when you do talk to people you don't have wild emotional variations going from anger to joy in the space of seconds.

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    I would see a therapist if it happened that often. I get depressed about 1 week out of the year and that's more than enough.

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    Sounds like depression. Basically what I've gone through my entire life. I learned good coping behaviors through therapy. Also afaik that's not how being bipolar works. You go through long manic periods and then normal periods.

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    Ups and downs are normal, but huge swings like that sound like an issue.

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    Yeah that sounds like depression. If it's affecting your everyday life then I'd see a doctor about it.

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