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    That's just every business, enough money is never enough and the goal for any company is always to make more money than they did before.

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    It's like every business. Profit in the millions isn't enough, you need to become a star to attract buyers, so everyone can be part of your growth, and get out before you level out.
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by exochaft View Post
    It's not like i don't agree, but the same thing can be applied to smartphones for example. People don't need a smartphone, want a smartphone. If the necessity is to be reachable then an old Nokia 3310 will be good enough because people can call you.

    Instead, companies costantly keep producing new models every year expecting people to buy them, adding useless crap to them (last year was the notch and no-border screen, now we're going all the way to 6 cameras on a freakin phone - see new Nokia 9) and prices are just skyrocketing (new iphones and samsung going past the 1500 mark) because the market is saturated and no one with a sane mind or too much money is buying them.

    Imho it's not a problem of the product type. It's a baseline issue of the very business model everyone is following. Everyone tries their best not to make something good, but to attract investors - which are literally walking piggybanks; when they arrive, they pump money, reap the profits and leave the business in a disastrous state. It's not something reliable and while they call for "long term sustainability" actually it's becoming long term damage to entire industry sectors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange Joe View Post
    There really isn't much we can do as gamers until a larger population shift begins to see that free market isn't really the way to go. Just like people, businesses need to be regulated.
    Couldn't agree more. You can boycott but a lot of the scummy shit is so ingrained in the system that you need actual fail safes in the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arandomuser View Post
    its weird the people who follow jordan peterson and rail against socialism all day are deeply offended when private companies change their business models for developing markets in asia. They dont seem to actually likecapitalist- they remind me more of national socialist, they are in favor of socialist aspects IF its intended to favor one demographic in society that they are in. almost every gamer incel seems to follow these rules.
    Who would those be? Sterling is a weird sort of queer anti-capitalist that you really don't know much about. I am like 110% sure he hates JBP, since people like that would sternly force him to undergo some sort of gay conversion therapy or whatsoever, let's not just kid ourselves. I don't like JBP either, I find him a boring dad that I'm happy to have not had, talking all day long about morals and good and bad, and then shilling his book or latest venture.

    Oh you also threw in incel. How original. I'm sure there will be like 3 people that are triggered by it, congratulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icechaosss View Post
    Real talk, if the game industry changes it's position and kind of "fixes" itself, will this guy have anything to talk about?
    He'd probably rail on bad indie Steam titles.

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    And activision today proves his point right yet again...

    "We just had a record year for sales... but we didn't realize our full "potential" "

    AKA we made lots of money, but didn't make ALL THE MONIES.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DesoPL View Post
    Idk if he is defending this practices, or just try blame gamers for that.
    Uhhhhh What? Do you not speak english XD lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    And activision today proves his point right yet again...

    "We just had a record year for sales... but we didn't realize our full "potential" "

    AKA we made lots of money, but didn't make ALL THE MONIES.
    Soon, the bubble will burst, just like with all other bubbles...

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