View Poll Results: Do you think Blizzard should aggressively use sharding technology in Classic?

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    Yes, for opening couple weeks but merged chat. And server pops capped at old numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shisui-kun View Post
    If it's just at the start, it keeps the community intact. But you do you man, if you don't want to play if sharding is in you weren't the true demographic anyway. Maybe WK does a turn around during release, but I wouldn't count my hopes on it.
    I'm on board if it's just for launch and to avoid initial server stability hiccups, but definitely not long term. And.. what..? I'm not the "true demographic" for wanting an authentic experience? what would you define as "true demographic" then?

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    There should be no sharding outside of maybe the starting zones at release.

    We also need a server player cap like in vanilla. We dont want private server player numbers on a single realm. We want blizz like realms.

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    Overall: no.

    The most I'd tolerate sharding tech in Classic would be for starter zones the first few days after launch. But no more than that.

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