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    Happy 14th Anniversary to WoW Europe! Share some screenshots!

    I'll see if I can find some old screenshots from the vanilla-times at home after work. Let's make this a memorable thread!

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    Lost most of mine between switching PCs circa 2009, hopeful they might still be on the hard drive but that PC has been in mothballs for about a decade so I'm not holding up hope.

    There are a few PvP videos I had uploaded to Google Video which got migrated to YouTube, but I like to pretend I have at least some semblance of self respect left.

    Here's a few screen caps from the heady days of patch 2.0.1 at least, unfortunately they are 480p:

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    Before release, Blizzard had a couple of open beta weekends. This is from the US open beta weekend, and the very first character I created, a nelf hunter

    The first character I ever raided on, a DS-bot priest. I had a f... all clue what I was doing, but being vanilla, one could get away with that...

    From late vanilla, the second character I started raiding on, a pala. Those glorious days of 14 fps during raids...

    The mandatory ZG run for a shot at some gear.

    Just finished the Onyxia-questline on that char, when someone else started the Stormwind-event again.

    New'ish realm (I think?), so the Green Dragon was alive for me to try and kite on a lowbie char. Spoiler: It didn't end well...

    Proof that I could kite something, a 55+ elite from Badlands to Ironforge.

    The classic of the period, the Chinese farmer guild. Ours was called <Fiskers Fanclub>

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    Reminders of what vanilla was like: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...nilla-was-like

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    Lost a lot to mine through changing PC systems over the years... But some remain.

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