<No Plan Required> is an EU Alliance guild that intends to roll on a PvP server. If you're looking for a relaxed raiding environment with a pinch of competition involved, or a social enclave to hide from your severe depression, then you've hit the jackpot.

We have players with experience in private server classic ranging from none at all to a full clear of Naxx. We are also accepting unoptimal or non-orthodox specs from ret pally to feral druid, although we hope that these players put in the extra time required to perform well at the level of other, more optimal, specs.

The main idea of the guild is to create a community where casual players and hardcore players can co-exist and succeed - but the utmost importance is that we all have fun doing it. We want a strong in-guild economy and a solid core of reliable and respectful players that will allow us to progress through raids at a respectable pace.

We will be progression raiding 2 nights a week in a semi-hardcore environment. Players who want to raid are expected to arrive fully prepared.

Raid dates: TBD
Raid times: TBD

The best way for you to contact us is through discord. Message Trebah7097 on discord for an invite to our discord server, wowhead won't let me post the link.