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    is this bait? it was obvious from the post he was talking about devs not being excited about doing it... which would be worrying if i was interested in classic but lulz at the OP...
    It's not really worrying. They are doing it, in a pace dictated by somewhat of a deadline, but he's saying they aren't excited because it involves changing pixel by pixel in many cases. As was demonstrated at blizzcon, they have to manually change alot of textures and particles, which can be tedious as fuck.
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    We were created by the biblical God.
    Quote Originally Posted by kenthovind View Post
    There's as much evidence for Santa as for darwinian evolution.
    The irony

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    What was the point of this post, needless drama? I guess so seeing that its a throwaway account.
    "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" ~Einstein
    Wish more people would take that to heart.

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    Then I could just make a new alt. I won't stop this fight.
    You should bring this fight to the official forums instead of posting here rants that no one will care about , see how long you can last there lol.

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    lel TC is in for a surprise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hottage View Post
    From zero to anti-semite in 5 posts.
    And no mods to be found.
    "All that said, the fiery partisan passion that wells up in my heart watching this, it's a Herculean task trying to tamp it down"-Dacien

    Never forget that Trump supporters feel "fiery partisan passion" when an accused rapist is being forced onto the Supreme court. Deplorable to the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valax View Post
    You should bring this fight to the official forums instead of posting here rants that no one will care about , see how long you can last there lol.
    Probably doesn't have an active account.
    If you take the wings off of a fly, is it a walk?

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    Well OP got his wish
    Space magic.

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    Assuming not a troll, OP is freaking out over one comment from a guy that is not on the development team and has no creative control. He is freaking out over a differing opinion so much that he wants people to lose their livelihoods, their jobs they use to support their families and homes. Over a comment with a different opinion. On a video game the commenter isn't even making. A video game.

    And he thinks people who disagree with him aren't smart? Outrage culture and intelligence don't have any discernable correlation, unless it's an inverse one.

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    This is one of the worst troll threads I've seen. You're totally taking him out of context and completely missing the point of his post. This thread should be flagged and deleted.

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    Calling for people to be fired is not okay, especially not given the circumstances. The thread wasn't very productive either way AND it was in the wrong section.


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