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    You have evidence to support this? I'd love to see the numbers.
    Nothing official, just that the game is incredibly unfun to play right now and many popular streamers have quit.

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    They could definitely go "Buy 2 Play" though and give you unlimited game time when you have purchased the most current expansion, or hell at least six months, if BfA showed me anything it is that they cannot justify the cost of their expansions anymore especially with their monthly fee and how poor the launch quality has been more often than not. As much as I love WoW unless they do something really spectacular in 8.2 I am going to continue to focus my time elsewhere.
    B2P has struck me as a decent model, but I have my doubts they'll do it, especially when they announced WoW Classic would be piggy-backing off of the main game subscription.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbon View Post
    Nothing official, just that the game is incredibly unfun to play right now and many popular streamers have quit.
    You mean those 'play ranked and only ranked all the time' streamers? Good riddance, they were boring. I've been having plenty of fun playing Hearthstone, and I know that Kripp, Trump, and a few other very popular streamers are still going strong.

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    I’d be okay with the game going buy to play. Though depending on their monetisation method they could do some serious damage to themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionknight View Post
    some of threads do bully high elf fans to a point where they might end up losing their minds to a point of a mass shooting.

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    "I Quit" threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
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