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    Motherboard issue (MSI 7930)

    Recently my motherboard has done some odd things. I went to plug in two USB devices (keyboard and a mouse) into the onboard USB ports in the back and it gave me a message letting me know that it was basically more than it could handle and that it was shutting down to prevent any damage. It's the first time I've ever actually used the ports so I can't really say when this started. I've had this build for a few years but it's never really given me any issues.

    Then I went to do a reinstall of windows, but when it came time to input information, the mouse and keyboard weren't working. I basically had to turn the computer off in the least optimal way because my peripherals weren't responding.

    I finally resolved this by basically trying random USB ports until it worked. I can't say how and I don't really remember which ports. I know one was on the case itself that was connected to a USB controller on the motherboard but the other one was plugged into one of the many USB ports on the back of the PC.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone or does anyone have any insight into what's going on? I'm trying to avoid having to buy a new motherboard because of all the costs associated with it. For example, needing a new copy of Windows.

    Thanks, I'm sorry if I didn't supply enough information but I'm trying lol

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    It could well be a BIOS/driver issue, or simply a fried USB controller. Seen that before. It's good you installed Windows fresh. Now you should consider updating the BIOS (it often contains new firmware that's essential in how various controllers are managed), and then installing the latest USB driver from MSI.

    This seems to be your motherboard:


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