We are currently looking for a paladin or priest healer who have had strong mythic experience in previous tiers. Other spots may be available for the right candidate, please get in touch with an officer for more details.

About Us:

Hoax is a semi-hardcore guild located on Kazzak EU and if you're looking for a solid progress guild without high time requirements or split runs then we are the guild for you! We have worked hard with a dedicated leadership and core to push for bigger and better results from our raid team, which has really shown in our rankings progression Tier by Tier. We sadly had to take a short break during Uldir, but are back in full force for BoD!

Our main focus is on clearing all current Mythic content quickly and efficiently within the limits of our 9 hours per week. We like to set a high bar on standards to ensure we achieve this goal while maintaining a friendly raid environment to play in and a great community within in the guild. Ideally we are looking to break straight back in to world top 300 ranks and move up from there, so your mindset must be firmly on progress and what is best for the team.

We offer optional Heroic Raids and are looking in to providing Mythic Alt raids throughout the week. Our members are very active outide of raids with M+ and PVP, and outside of WoW.

Legion Rankings:

Tier 19 World Rank: 831
Tier 20 World Rank: 532
Tier 21 World Rank: 285

Fetid World Rank: 270 (Break announced the week after)

Raiding Days:

Wednesday 20.15 - 23.30
Thursday 20.15 - 23.30
Sunday 20.15 - 23.30

We have a 10 minute break in the middle of the raid.

At the start of a tier Monday will be added as an extra raid day for the first 3 weeks to push progress.

What we expect from you:

As we only raid 3 nights per week our goal is to maximise progress within that time frame and so new applicants must be able to keep a schedule as best they can. You need to understand and acknowledge that progress comes first and we will rotate players depending on what the encounter needs. You must be able to take and act upon critisism and not cause tension or drama with other raiders.

Our team is very invested in self improvement, logs are shared and discussed openly and at times we exchange constructive critiscm. This is a means for improvement as a guild, so good class knowlegdge is a must. You cannot show up to a new progress fight without knowledge of your role in the fight. Videos are linked on discord regularly and we encourage discussion about encounters before we begin and during progress.

We also like our raiders to have a working mic they are confident in using, a stable internet connection/fps and be fluent in English.

What you can expect from us:

We have a highly dedicated/motivated leadership team who do their utmost to ensure the smooth operation of the guild, effective planning and implementation of progression strategies. Our raid team's attitude to raiding is very positive and focused, with management who will chase up/replace people who are seen to be slacking.

We are a guild which values your input, criticisms, and suggestions. We have a fun raiding atmosphere and we joke around a lot (as long as it isn't disruptive to progression or performance).


We have an active M+ boosting scene and we sell Heroic Raid carries. We do not currently boost Mythic Raids, however it may be an option in the future.

How to apply:

Please fill out our short application form on our guild website -
We may ask for a chat over Discord before making any decisions.

If you have any questions please come and chat to us, we dont bite!
Shyre(GM) - Btag: Catnip#2790 or Discord: Shyre#1970
If you're scared of talking to girls feel free to add
Ross(O) - Btag: Deathisscary#2494 or Discord: Ross#8797