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    Quote Originally Posted by Simplemente Feliz View Post
    If you are poor then your tax burden is significantly less than someone that is wealthier. Again, I don't really see the problem.

    I don't like the deductions, but its because I don't like what they are subsidizing (homeownership).
    This is false due to how taxes are setup especially in the US. I suggest you to actually look into this. As for you disliking personal home ownership that's another oddity considering the size of the US.

    But i'm not going to further debate this with a person who i doubt their intentions are honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dontrike View Post
    But none of those are losses, which is what your last comment was about.
    Either the person doesn't know what he is talking about throwing everything together on one big pile or they are trying to make an argument by being obtuse, that's the general vibe i get from mittens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    I'm not a fan of giving tax breaks to draw in multi billion dollar corporations. the corporation should choose its location based on economic factors, demographics, geographic location, etc. not based on if the government gives you a subsidy or not because that isn't part of a free market. Additionally, Amazon in its benefit PR it touts only future cash values it will return instead of what that cash is valued at today as well as not actually promising if it will keep those people hired forever due to automation. The benefits to the community such as a more wealthy tax base and revitalizing the surrounding area and creating a thriving business environment are huge. However, would the people that in that area NOW that voted Oscacio actually benefit? If they own a home, yes. But if they rent, then their rents would soar and they would probably be priced out of the area. However, polls suggest 70% in New York supported amazon having HQ there.

    Was it a good idea for her politically and her district economically to force out one of the strongest businesses in the world? Is it worth it give subsidies to businesses in order to get tax revenue that pays for it maybe 10-20 years down the road? Should we not do it on principle that small businesses don't get this benefit and multi-billion dollar businesses don't deserve our tax dollars?
    you have to look beyond the next couple of years or the next election. Losing amazon business for a state might hurt right now, but expecting a tax break when you move a business has har worse consequences in the long run.

    Corporation are now pitting states against each other for the honor of kissing their feet. The situation is nothing short of gangrenous. Every states have to stand up against those bullying tactics, but they won't. There always will be a mayor or a governor up for reelection that will cave and give the tax break and claim victory for his electorate.

    But if you look at the fact, if you look at the actual number, the states never make back what they gave away. It's a loss for the state but a win for the politician who always spin it as a job making deal.

    and since states cannot be trusted to stand united to fight against corporate greed, the federal government has to step in and regulate those tax break. The government, ideally, will not and should not play favorite. I know people hate when government intervene in business, it's like a tank running through a kitchenware shop, but the situation has gone out of hand. The coporation have too much power to bully the states (and the tax payer).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acidbaron View Post
    This is false due to how taxes are setup especially in the US. I suggest you to actually look into this. As for you disliking personal home ownership that's another oddity considering the size of the US.
    Uh? Poor people pay little to no taxes and in most cases end up with a bigger income after filing for taxes due to welfare.
    Your problem is that you’re more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.

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    Good on Cortez and the people who resisted this force for evil. Amazon needs to be busted and Bezos shunned and hated.

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