Who Are We?

Ozymandias is a horde side guild on The Venture Co originally founded at the end of Wrath of the Lich King after the break up of Colossus. We have a casual attitude, friendly environment with the benefit of pushing mythic content.

What Are We Doing Now?

We are currently raiding Heroic BoD, moving into Mythic BoD as the tier progresses. In order to accomplish this we keep a broad raid roster, to encourage friendly competition and to allow people to have absences without the raid grinding to a halt. If we do have too many absences, there are have other guilds that we cooperate with in order to keep things going.

What Will We Be Doing?

Moving through Heroic raiding content at a steady pace, progressing into mythic as attendance, composition and gear allows. Above all having a good time while doing so.

Strong Need


This position will be a main tank position, you will have all the responsibilities that come along with this position. Raid marking, communication over voice.


These positions will be full time healing positions unless the fight or raid composition provides a need for you to sit or swap to a damage spec. Right now we are looking to expand our healing core so our main DPS can stop healing.

Average Need

We are looking for exceptional DPS players that have a full understanding of their class as well as the ability to be flexible if the composition requires it.

Raid Times

Main raid times are as follows :

Monday - 8:30-11:00 (server time) (CST) Tuesday - 8:30-11:00 (server time) (CST) Wednesday - 8:30-11:00 (server time) (CST) (optional/Alt) Friday - Time varies, typically same raid time.

How To Apply?

Contact any of the following in by mail or whispers

GM: Emerassi - The Venture Co (Emerassi#1878)

Raid Leader: Zeihel - The Maelstrom

Officer: Dacno(Dacnolol) - The Venture Co

Recruitment Officer: Crunch - The venture Co (Lucid#1762)