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    What to build as ADC in ARAM?

    So I've just started playig LoL again after a couple of years. I only play ARAM though. I have no idea what to build on any ADC, and it doesn't matter what I build because there's always someone screaming at me.
    I build the old ass build I pretty much always did in ARAM back in the days -> someone cries and tell me to build lethality.
    I build lethality -> someone cries and tell me to get a crit build.
    I have "too much attack speed" -> someone cries and tell me to buy more damage.
    I have "too little" attack speed -> someone cries and tell me to buy more attack speed.

    But then again; maybe I shouldn't listen, because people cry at my lack of damage when Im getting dove by things like Fizz+Echo over and over again with no help. I don't know how to survive that on my own for very long.

    Anyway, is there a general build or certain items that are considered must-have right now? I only play ARAM, so it's mostly tanks, long range and dive-heroes like Wukong, Fizz, etc.

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    All depends on what I am feeling like and our team comp, but I would always ignore what other team members say.

    I always start out BF sword and 2 pots. I will run clarity on champs that can poke a lot and chew through mana (Jinx, Varus, Jhin etc). Others I pick ignite.

    I always build a big AD item first, because early game lends itself better for poking and the fights aren't too long. Then an attack speed item next if I am going that way, or I start building lethality.

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    Aside from GA not being available in ARAM, ADCs build pretty much the same they do anywhere else. Only MF builds lethality. Rest builds Crit/AS, either focusing more on Zeal/energized items or on on-hit items. Finish up with either BT or Death's Dance (depending on whether you deal more damage from AA or abilities) for sustain and/or a Last Whisper item if they have people building armor. Defensive choices for ADCs are pretty limited as usual, with aforementioned lack of GA on top of that (so pretty much nothing against AD heavy-teams).

    Corki also builds Trinity Force as first item. On Kai'sa, her W is particularly good in ARAM, so you should throw Nashor's Tooth to her more common items (as one of first three items together with Guinsoo's and IE). The biggest outlier is Ezreal, who currently builds double Tear, Gunblade and some Sheen item (in the past it was either Trinity or Fist, but now Lich Bane is also a viable choice).

    As for mana, there's Essence Reaver, but it's usually used mostly by Sivir. Maybe late game by Xayah or Lucian too, but by late game your mana is in general better and with ARAM's increased mana regen, you may not need ER. Also, for ARAM Pressence of Mind is an awesome rune on pretty much any champion, which should heavily help you with mana as well.
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    It doesnt really matter, if you get random champion

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    It really doesn`t matter
    Depends on champion
    I`m usually trying to buy as much DMG

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