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    Homework. I used that time explictly for getting any and all HW done that allowed me to maintain an iota of a social life.

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    football, basketball, chill.

    had a nice tree that could be used as a bed among the branches which were perfect to just chill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Girighet View Post
    Go home? Stay at school talking with friends? Go eat at pizzeria? Study on your own?
    I generally just did HW/studying. I assume you are speaking about college because any college degree worth it's salt has at least 4 times more homework than it does lecture.

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    My school was a beautiful campus in southernish California so I would go pick a grassy area to read, do homework, nap, and people watch. Halcyon days of youth etc.

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    I joined my university's honors program specifically to avoid this issue. Students in the program had the highest priority registration, so I was able to sign up for any classes I wanted without worrying about them being filled to capacity and closed. Always picked classes that were back to back so I never needed to waste time between classes or make multiple trips.

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    I'd find an empty area and play something on my laptop. Rarely would I study (this was the case for most of my degree actually, my wife hated how little effort I put into it), but maybe 1 or 2 tests in 4 years required it. I had some terrible schedules, classes that started at 8am with 2-3 hour gaps, all the way until 9pm one semester. Was never worth the gas money to drive home, some times I tried to swing extra hours at my internship. They were pretty lenient about my hours, some semesters I worked 8 hours a week, some I worked 40.
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    There was a club house in the main building for students of my major that had video games to play, couches to sit/lie on, and people to talk with.
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