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    Quote Originally Posted by Notdev View Post
    Sometimes sitting on a BF proc until your next GS or sitting on GS until you get a BF proc feels restrictive.

    I played IV randomly in a heroic or low M+ a couple weeks ago. It just "felt" better. I love the big GS damage, but I dislike everything else that comes with it.
    I get it, those huge GS hits just really fits with that whole 'glass cannon' class fantasy. I don't think I would be playing Frost if GS wasn't there.

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    didnt icy veins get taken away from frost mages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    didnt icy veins get taken away from frost mages?
    no? i mean its the worst cd in the game but we still have it.

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    We'll prob be using TV with visions of perfection next patch anyway, so enjoy GS while you still can.
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    GS is such a funkiller, you are not allowed to have fun.

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