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    This whole Jussie Smollett thing...

    What did he expect? Lol.

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    It's a diversion
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    It's a full reverse O'Keefe/Jones/Watson gig. I mean by that Smollet lied, a rather unusual situation (''fake hate crime'') while the unusual situation is one of those three saying something remotely true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seashell86 View Post
    What did he expect? Lol.
    So not simply posting this on the Smollett mega thread … makes this your desperate plea for attention?

    Pot, say hello to kettle.


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    Could be worse he could of carved a upside down T on his cheek similar to the fake backwards B dimwit from the Obama years.

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    When we put victims on a pedestal you get people who want that attention. He’s a bit actor who wanted to get his name out there, I’d say it worked just not in the way he wanted.

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    There is already an active thread in the appropriate subforum here - https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...help-of-others

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