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    Nah, you're basically allowed to do whatever as long as it doesn't prevent players from doing things longterm. That's what makes it so interesting, because people can be so ruthless and yet you can still run into encounters with friendly players that will try to help you even though they don't have to. I had an enemy priest MC me as I was leveling just so they could give me a stamina buff, and then /waved as they ran away without ganking me.

    I don't get what people complain about now, tbh (aside from there being problems preventing proper defense, that I understand). In previous iterations of WPvP if you got ganked you didn't complain, you called out in the defense channel or your guild that someone was ganking others, and there was almost always someone that would come and help. Or you just got on your main and fought back. That's the whole point and fun of WPvP.

    I was never the type to gank others, but I still never complained when it was done to me, and if I got tired of it I just played on a PvE server.

    Generally speaking, though, if you end up teabagging someone or acting like a jerk after you ganked them, then yeah you still get considered a jerk. I've had people do that in BG's too, though, so it's not like it's a WPvP only aspect. Instances like that are why I don't think cross faction communication is a good idea, though.
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    If you're flagged, expect to get tagged.
    If it's red, it's dead.

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    it's really helpful for me.

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    I generally don't attack low levels (<120) unless they attack first. Also only kill a person once unless ofc they attack first.

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    It depends if you want to self-nerf your rep gain by being honorable.
    Whats worth more to you? Being a decent sport, or getting that grind over and done with sooner? No one can answer this for you.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    If it's red, it's dead. There are no unspoken rules.

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