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    loosing weight

    i am 24 and i can't increase my weight from 55 kg which kind of less to me. I eat healthy food a lot but still i look too skinny. any suggestion.... help me out

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    Hi there!
    You arent giving us a lot of info (daily activity, how tall are you, what do you define as "eating a lot") but i will give you my two cents:
    I used to be really skinny too at your age: 1.79m and about 62ish kg. Now im 35 and im 80kgs with 11% bodyfat, wich is rather lean and defined.
    Things i did:
    - Track your daily kcal and increase it every week. I used to eat around 2.2k kcal, now im around 3.5k kcal per day. Also spread your meals and make sure you snack every 3 hours (healthy). Focus on healthy fats, nuts, peanutbutter, avocado, salmon, etc.
    - excersise: find a sport you like/love and get to work. I went to the gym but hated it, tried crossfit 4 years ago and fell in love with it, training 4x week now. Focus on weight training, start low untill you get the hang of it and increase every week.
    - up your proteine: For your weight you should aim at about 110g of proteine per day.
    - sleep: sounds stupid, but when you workout and eat, you need to sleep a lot. aim for that 8hours per night (something i struggle with as well)

    I could go on and on, but this is really basic and should be enough to get you started. (also know that you will gain weight as you get older and your metabolism slows down)

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