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    [H] <Conviction> 5/9M - 9/9H - Khaz'Goroth/Dath'Remar - Recruiting Raiders

    Conviction are looking to recruit for our Mythic raiding team. We are the longest running guild on server. We raid on a casual basis but with a mind for progression and mythic raiding.

    Currently 5/9 Mythic and a 9/9 Heroic.

    Our group is fun and very active and we promote the idea that social lives always come first.

    Main Raid nights:

    Wed - 8.30pm – 11pm Server time
    Thurs - 8.30pm – 11pm Server time
    Mon - 8.30pm – 11pm Server time

    Off raid nights for alts/mains (Social and fun alt runs on weekends. Alcohol preferred!):

    Saturday - Normal - 8.30pm Server time
    Sunday - Heroic - 8.30pm Server time

    There are two types of player we are looking to recruit:

    ** Trial for mythic raider – 4 Weeks approx **

    This is a player with runs on the board who can fit straight into our team and mythic progression. This type of player will need a solid set of gear, know their class very well. Preferred logs we can review and provide evidence of their ability and skills.

    ** Project player – 4 weeks at social rank – 4 weeks as trial approx **

    This player would be someone who may be returning to the game with past experience or a new player who wants to work their backside off to get into a mythic raiding guild. This type of player will need to show good work ethic, willing to jump into guild key runs to get gear and make weekend social normal/heroic runs to get the gear required to start mythic. This is no guarantee you would become a mythic raider but its an opportunity to show your ability and improve in an environment where you can learn from experienced people who will help you with any questions and teach you raid mechanics.

    Feel free to message me on discord for links to logs or questions: Dan/Gael#8703 or mail in game to Gaelehodin-Khaz’goroth (Gaelehodin #1420)

    Kind Regards,

    Gaelehodin – GM for Conviction
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    We are currently recruiting:

    Shadow Priests
    Restoration Shaman

    For our mythic raid team.

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