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    If you would look at the entire history of MMORPGs you could create a list of things that make for a great MMORPG.

    1) Sense of adventure.

    2) Steady and consistent power progression.

    3) Excellent game controls.
    The hand+mind combo feels good to pew pew, it feels good to move, jump, dodge, run, etc... therefore the game will be more fun.

    4) Smooth and immersive story telling.

    You know how some authors can just PULL you in within the first sentence? "Holy shit, this is going to be a fun read. I'm going all in." A great story with a plight that many can empathize with... keeps a player going for indeterminate amount of time.

    WoW's problem after dealing with Classic > BC > WotLK is that the lore started to spiral out of control. Players lost focus, "Wait, is this some kind of alternate timeline? An alternate universe? Why is this guy still alive? What's going on?"

    The cohesive nature of each subsequent expansion is wildly disjointed. Maybe I am exaggerating but it just feels like things are coming from no where with very poor build up to it.

    I have never bitched about an expansion as hard as I have about BfA.

    I kept seeing comments like, "Speak with your wallet. Unsub." That type of comment always made sense to me.

    You just gotta move on and wait until the next big patch or expansion.

    I am unsubbed and potentially returning for 8.2.

    I use the free time I had playing wow... at the gym instead.#Gains

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    WoW has many problems at this point, probably far too many to actually list. Its just not one main thing, its a collection of things that ruined the bigger picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyral View Post
    The players.
    this guy gets it

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