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    vast majority of 2500-2700 players wouldn't even break 1900 barrier in s2, s3 or s4, so "experience" starting to mean a literal jackshit, maybe it's time to deflate that aritificially and unrealistically inflated ego and put some players back in their place
    pretty much this s1 was a complete joke, welfare gladiator and welfare rating that’s gonna carry on next seasons because blizz is truly clueless about it. Ratings in s1 were at least 600 points too inflated

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    The inflation of S1 + the torrents of people leaving at beginning of S2 because all the reasons we have explained has led to the paradox that yes you can still get rating in 2S-3S right now but RBG has been dicked to oblivion becoming entirely not worthy to bother with. 1800 in RBG now is the 2600 of previous season. Entirely stupid and hard to convince fresh players to be arsed to play for the breadcrumbs that RBGs offer in comparison to the time wasted forming groups playing replacing leavers etc.

    As a very fond of RBG player I am extremely sad at the current state of the game.

    Not sure why blizzard is constantly shooting at their legs but this is sad.

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    They should just set a proper new buck of rewards for RBG instead of just giving arena rewards and turning the bracket into a clown fiesta that ppl queue only for the rewards they’re too bad to grab in arenas

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