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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanderez View Post
    Perhaps this is only happenening on private servers, but when I played Vanilla six months ago I ran out of quests multiple times and had to grind a level or two. If you just do quests, you will run out.
    No. I've leveled several characters to 60 during Vanilla, and I've played reliable private servers for years (still am). I've both excellent memory and recent experiences, both confirming it.
    It never happens.
    It might be inefficient due to travel (there is several points where, if you don't do dungeons, you need to jump around several zones to level up) and you might need to go to another region/continent, but you can never, ever run out of quests.

    If you ever manage to not have any quest left, it's because you missed many (which is easy, because lots of them are series which unlock only if you finish the previous steps, and many are lost in the wilderness).
    Even Joanas guide says that you need to grind mobs along the way and the guide stops at 59.
    See above.
    Also, on the later versions of Vanilla, you have TONS of high-level quests which actually make the lvl 55+ the single most quest-rich bracket.
    Of course, if you don't play every day and allow your rested exp to stack up, you might experience it less. But for people like me, who play every day and sometimes group up for quests, there is an issue with running out of them.
    Actually, as I like leveling, I did the opposite, I purposely avoided rested XP by loggin off outside taverns.
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    Mailing one item at a time
    The fact that you basically NEED max eng to pvp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanderez View Post
    Perhaps this is only happenening on private servers, but when I played Vanilla six months ago I ran out of quests multiple times and had to grind a level or two. If you just do quests, you will run out. Even Joanas guide says that you need to grind mobs along the way and the guide stops at 59.

    Of course, if you don't play every day and allow your rested exp to stack up, you might experience it less. But for people like me, who play every day and sometimes group up for quests, there is an issue with running out of them.
    Seems to me you are skipping out on a lot of necessary quests and probably sticking to one zone for too long.

    There are a lot of quests that aren’t sitting in hubs/camps and you need to come across them in the open world, and you have to zone hop a lot. For instance, you don’t just do Westfall, you do Westfall until 14 or so, head to loch modan and do that til 15-16, back to Westfall, etc.

    Barrens>stonetalon at 17>barrens again>Stonetalon again>Ashenvale>barrens again>Ashenvale again. Or something like that.

    Edit: just now seen that you used joanas guide.. yeah you have to grind between locations and if you group up often you will most certainly fall way behind. I used joanas but it was too much for me stick with it the whole way, so I got a jist for the guide and ran something I was more comfortable with using questie. Now I’ll grind a lot regardless, so I’m usually overleveled, but I try to only group for quests that involve killing a single named mob, those are the biggest pains in the ass with competition but cuts down on xp lost almost entirely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    • Not being able to fly straight to the destination (multiple stops)
    • Paladin buff bots.
    • Stupidly designed classes spam 1 button to win.
    • druids & paladins are lol tanks
    • Stupid talent system with very bad talents and very good talents (which led to a single build that does the most dps)
    • quests. sometimes you go from green quests to red quests. sometimes you have to grind for hours to unlock quests.
    • PVP system was basically shit. only 1 person gets rank 14 per week.
    • CC is stupidly long.
    • graphics were shit. glad they are redoing it for classic.
    • you can't see other people talents.
    • NO LFG tools (I don't like going back to ironforge every time i get a leaver to find a replacement.)
    • 2 loots per boss for 40 man raid is waaaay too slow. takes forever to gear.
    • bosses were a joke until nax. rarely any mechanics. wear this fire resist gear to win.

    and finally,
    Wow, most of those things is what made Vanilla so good in my opinion, like talents and pvp were both amazing and thank god there was no LFG tool.

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    Personally, I didn't like some minor things, like "attempts to run away in fear" on basically every single mob and they always brought back 3 more mobs. This was so much more common back then.

    But mostly I disliked some quests, to not know what to do or where to go, and you had to check thottbot constantly. But you gotta take the good with the bad, and I hope they don't "fix" the quests even tho I didn't like them.

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    Quests were a disjointed mess.
    You never got to really see most stories play out because you either ran halfway across the continent to do it or just moved on to something else.
    I remember several ones I would just ignore outright because it wanted me to jump continents and deal with elites and such.
    Even as a hunter, that was still a pain, and don't even get me started on pet AI... because that actually made questing even more painful when the dumbass would run off and pull more mobs and die, dropping from green to yellow to red while I frantically kite everything until it slowly dies from piss-poor hunter damage (most of it was pet-based).

    "Rotations" were a mess for the majority.
    There was no real skill synergy or purpose to half the spellbook; it was just kinda there for a once in a blue moon type of use.
    A lot of classes spent time spamming one or two buttons.
    I mean, sure, it was thematically cool to use some stuff here and there, but for the majority of the content, you didn't need most of it.

    PVP was a battle of attrition, not remotely based on skill, in terms of BGs, which were the only way to get a rank.
    I think I stopped at blood guard maybe? What was that, like rank 6 or 7? Maybe half way (in numbers, but like 20% of the way in time played) to max rank?
    Fuck if I remember, but I do recall saying "screw this noise" as I gave up on pursuit of a high rank.

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    How stupidly long leveling was. I know some people say they did it over a weekend easy without effort but I call bullshit. The best I could find with Screenshot was 4d20h, and a 3d9h from a private server, and i'm sure that was before they adjusted a lot of quest reward that was too high on XP.

    Not as bad but still:
    How some piece of gear from raid are completely useless and some other are completely OP and normally rare. So gearing end up who have the better reputation with the RL. Bonus point if you handle the RL genitalia.
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    Server queues on high pop servers is all really. I would get home and get in queue and depending on time, it could be 15-45 min to get in, though rarely did I have to wait 45 min. Everything else was amazing, and the game was more an RPG than anything else.

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    Extremely long graveyard runs. I don't mind being punished for dying, but come on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallor View Post
    Extremely long graveyard runs. I don't mind being punished for dying, but come on...
    People getting lost running back to Uldaman and whatnot. So much fun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanillaBoss View Post
    We heard all the good things, now let's look at the potential challenges
    The basic absence of rotation for more if not all classes. FROSTBOLT ALL DAY AM I RIGHT?
    People will mention the useless specs, I didn't mind them at all. Wheelchair ret forever.
    Insanely ridiculous respawn time for every quests mobs/items. Don't want to sit there all night long.
    Legit ugly visuals. Everything looks like it was made for N64.
    The flight paths worthy of an insane asylum. Plz bird, stop doing U-turns.
    Hit rating. Boring af.
    Tiny quest log. Smaller than my grocery list.

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    Honestly I don't remember much and didn't play Vanilla that long. But some of these posts bring back memories.
    The one thing I'd like to mention is the way druid shapeshifting worked. It was shite. I believe it was improved in TBC or even later?
    Honestly the more I think about this, the more I'm convinced that it would be better to make at least some careful QoL adjustments for Classic. People will complain that it's not the true Vanilla experience, but in the long run it will increase its longevity.

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    depends.. at the time or now??

    now the main thing would be class design obviously, cuz its the most important part of the game, but at the time i didnt care, cuz it was all we knew obviously at the time. Also i think while questing itself was cool, i think some quests were boring as shit

    some things like losing soul shards on disconnect.. or quest items cast time when you're trying to pick them up etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArenaDk View Post
    You could add binding shoes and polishing your nails as rpg element. But it wouldn’t be as bad as having your pet for months , leveling with you until you have no food for 2 seconds and it is gone

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    What system do you think is better rank 14 or rank 1 pre removal of arena teams ?
    i dunno about his answer, but obviously old arena team system was much better.. it was better than the current system

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    A lot of lack-of-quality of life stuff.

    I honestly don't mind the difficult nature of the game. I still play Diablo 2 on Ladder for the record.

    What burns me is if I'm playing a Hybrid and I have to Respec, I have to take the time to plot down every talent point, change up my entire bar, change all my spells and gear and make sure I have it all with me in my bags because you never know when someone needs a tank/healer suddenly for a group. At least give us a Template system to remember this stuff. I mean it's important to plot down points manually because it's meaningful, but after some point it becomes a nuisance just because someone had to leave 4 hours into the raid and you don't have a 5th healer to pick up the slack and have to wait for the one guy to change his bars and redo all his talents; and he puts a point in the wrong talent so you have to run with one less innervate or something.

    No, this is not Dual Spec, because Dual Spec is instant and free and all in your UI. What I am talking about is saving your character template so you can activate it at the Trainer at full cost of respec. I think having to go back to trainer and paying full cost should still be required, just not having to 'fill in the paperwork' because that part is unnecessary for anyone who already has a set build they use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post
    I started day 1 vanilla EU (11/02/2005), easy to check with the "Old School Ride" achievement, since mounts got removed in EU 05/05/2005 ~2 months after release. Still playing vanilla players are also into the 1000+ days /played time, I am in that region too.

    The only thing I disliked in vanilla was the server performance and the hour long queues every day to login. Everything else was pretty solid, only a few minor class/spec/game bugs, in most cases beneficial for the players (rogue seal fate bug for leveling etc).

    The performance issue was a major one, you choose basicly classes/specs many times with server lag in mind after your first character.

    For todays lazy wow community some things like the PVP R14 grind seemed over the top, but the huge amount of playerbase consisted much more hardcore players, people seem to ignore today. The crying about everything you see today, was just a carebear issue in vanilla and laughed about.

    The sobby carebears in vanilla, never happy about anything don't play today or maybe are waiting for classic to play WoW again for reasons they did not like back than.
    1317 days or 31,608 hours. Wow! Honestly this is mind blowing... most I’ve ever played on a character was about 40-50 days. And I thought I was “hardcore”. Well, damn...
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    Goretusk Livers in Westfall

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    This took me a long time to come up with something I truly dislike about Vanilla. But I found it... itemization, particularly for hybrid classes. Druid for example, is a class I potentially would play if they had raid sets available for all specs.

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    Dismounting when you ran into deep water.

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    Physically dragging my ass to Ashenvale to queue for Warsong and waiting for anywhere between 1 to 3 hours to get it going. Can't remember what happened after a game... like I'm not sure if it placed me back where I was when it popped, or just dumped me back into Ashenvale. Both have their cons.

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    Travel time especially if you had to travel between continents

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    Pugging anything. So you get a group together for a run and someone dc mid run. If you are lucky you have a mage to get to a city to find more but if not you have a solid 45 min wait time for a replacement.

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