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    What’s the worst present you’ve gotten? Some tie-dye shirts.

    What’s the best present you’ve gotten? My dog that has now passed. He was the puppy in the window.

    What makes a present good or bad? Idk, I guess if you don’t like it.

    Finally do you have a wish list and what’s at least the first thing on it? I have an Amazon wishlist. It’s not for presents, just things I need or eventually would like to buy. First thing on it is Crave wet dog food. I need to reorder some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Girighet View Post
    Friends gave me a vibrator, opening that present in front of family was very awkward.
    At least tell me you didn't try it out in front of them, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    What happened to them?

    - - - Updated - - -

    You're being melodramatic
    Father used them)

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    clothes. i hate getting clothes. i like to buy my own anyway.
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    What’s the worst present you’ve gotten? A bottle of wine that, despite EUR 500+ price tag, was so bad I wouldn't have used it even as a "don't care, get smashed" drink.

    What’s the best present you’ve gotten? My first shotgun, from my grandfather.

    What makes a present good or bad? The ability of the gifter to read your desires.

    Finally do you have a wish list and what’s at least the first thing on it? I don't have a wishlist, I just buy whatever I want immediately, which makes it very difficult to positively surprise me with gifts.
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    worst present - just about everything i was ever given as a surprise that wasn't money, but especially clothes and random gadgets. and i feel bad, cause gifter put some thought into it, so i try to get some use out of things and show that I appreciate the thought, but that just ends up with more junk being gifted
    best present friend gifted me her extra xbox controller after i mentioned having some trouble with a game (can't even remember which one) that most people claim is better with a controller. wait... no.. I lie, the BEST gift was copy of and, my uncle gave me when I was a teenager. it pretty much started my love affair with fantasy genre.
    what makes the present good or bad for me personaly, grinch that I am? good present is something i actualy genuinely want or need. take me shopping with you if you want to give me something. heck even when my SO offers to get me something from the store on a way home, I give him exact brand and type of a thing I want, 2 alternatives and if none of the things available, just don't worry about getting anything at all. (yes he appreciates it)
    I do have a wishlist both figuratively (more like a goal list) and actual wishlists on amazon, steam, etc. they are all now set to private, because they tend to be more of a "something to consider if on sale or whatnot" lists than "this is what I want right now" lists and I got a game of my steamist that was there as a "to be considered if game of the year edition ever comes out"
    its very sweet of the friend to have done that but... I didn't buy it yet for a reason, so now all my wishlists are only visible to me and me alone.
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    I never really got a bad gift, I come from a poor family so I was happy with whatever gift someone gave me.

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    A cheap sweatshirt from my uncle.

    Not sure...recent memory would by my phone I got a few years back.

    If I like it or not.

    Right this very moment? I really want a new computer.

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    I never look down at any gift I get. If someone is taking the time to actual think about me and get me something, I always value that over what the bobble they choose happens to be.

    I generally don't want many material things to begin with. That's the good thing about not growing up with much. I see grown-ass men complaining about not getting video games or the right cellphone they wanted, it's pathetic.

    Even the basic office supplies and small tchotchkes my dad bought me have some meaning now that he's passed away.
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    Oh my...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    The gift of life
    Ikr, where's the Gift Receipt for that one.

    On topic: nothing really, Gifts are an affirmation that one thought you were worthy enough to be thought of at that point in time. Whether you wanted said Item or not, is a moot point. "It's the thought that counts" is really that, and all that should matter.
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