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    Legion WQ's >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BfA WQ's

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    The projectile has a travel time. Lead your target.
    Yeh but do I really want to bother with a quest that requires me to do that? Id rather just not even bother going out there and do the shuffle quest.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Assbandit View Post
    I swear Bitcoin miners are the new vegans/crossfitters/vapers.

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    I'm still looking forward to Scrollsage becoming a raid boss in Alleria's Sunken Palace after being corrupted by her whispers after Alleria eats N'Zoth.

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    It happened to me only once in Voldun whle doing this and turtles started to walk towards not the sea but directly behind me towards the forest. The beach was full of crabs and seagulls but I had a 12/12 combo without a single loss. THe old lady was still shouting tho; turtle has made it into the water.

    like wth they are getting eaten by naga now I guess?

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