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    [A] <Mid Raid Crisis> Stormrage M/T/Th 9-12 EST LF Range DPS/Warrior/DK

    <Mid Raid Crisis> is a group of players who enjoy semi-hardcore raiding, while having fun outside of raids (it is a game after all why not have fun?).

    We are a "newly formed" guild on Stormrage-US. While, most of our members have played together for a long time and have been raiding top-end content, we are very active and keep everyone involved in our group. This community is something we aim to build to achieve goals while enjoying the content.

    We are currently looking for skilled players that enjoy playing with a community, have experience raiding, are good at adapting to new fights, have confidence handling difficult mechanics, and are always a team player first.

    Our guild is:
    9/9 Normal Battle of Dazar’alor
    7/9 Heroic Battle of Dazar’alor
    1/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor

    Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Thurs, 9-12pm EST

    We are a fun group to be around and hang out with, we are always willing to go the extra mile for a guild member, and we enjoy pushing ourselves on raids.
    If you meet these characteristics, regardless of class/spec, Mid Raid Crisis is interested in you. That said, there are a couple of specific roles we are aggressively trying to fill. These roles are:

    Frost/Unholy DK
    Shadow Priest
    Balance Druid
    Hunter (Marksman/Beast Master)
    Elemental Shaman

    Resto Shaman
    Holy Paladin

    Even if you are outside of our current recruitment needs don't feel bad to inquire. We are always looking for skilled players.

    We are currently working on finishing our AoTC while we fill out our 20 man roster. We all have the goal of Cutting Edge this tier so keep that in mind while you read through this. If you are interested, reach out to Flyspyro (papillion#1814), Spánkí (zipity#1315), or Sàmspùdz (Samspudz#11459) in game, or contact me on discord: spanki#7429

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