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those opinions... how is old shadow form more interesting? what's interesting about it? the flat damage increase, the % of physical damage taken or the fact that you can't cast any other school than shadow in it?

or maybe having access to merely 3 shadow damage spells is interesting right? or maybe having Mind Blast generate additional threat is interesting? or maybe not being viable is interesting?

i played a shadow priest during both vanila and tbc and it RUINED my experience, it was a useless leveling spec only existing because Smite did too little damage... and you think that this shit is better than what we have now? a spec with a complex rotation more utility than ever, viable in both raiding,M+,arena and rated bgs?

well if i hypothetically assumed that you are an idiot that just hates on everything modern and worships all that shit design just because it's vintage would i be far from truth?
First off ya dingus, it’s in reference to the graphics—context is hard.

As for gameplay, late Cata, mop, and what wod could have been were my ideal gameplay times. I played spriest from sunweltill I quit.

Our ideal would be to bring back snapshotting, let mindflay renew some of our dots, keep the shadoworb/devouring plague mechanic (but give us default 2 with 5 buffer, 3 to spend). Finally give us a 4th dot (swp, vt, dp, void entropy). That’s the promised land.

I can’t stand this insanity shit, at the very least, let both spec live in unison. Let our talent decide if we are dotweavers as it turned out in wod, the old school with a new dot as above, or the insanity spam bot of today.