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    Exclamation can you guys post glyph of shadow pictures of yourself please ?

    i have issues i can't play bfa now , but i don't know what shadow priest with ( glyph of shadow ) looks like , all sources i see seems outdated or form that exist in beta only but reworked , do you guys min post pictures of your character back with ( glyph of shadow ) ? thanks

    edit : does this what it actually looks like right now or outdated ? https://i.gyazo.com/bd28bcc187e199c0...02dfd0553f.mp4
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    I've none for the actual shadow effect it applies, but know it (and Shadowy Friends) still breaks the Voidform visual:


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    They are just purple blobs.

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    Only thing that happends is the smoke is removed (semi) and you see your character a bit better, but voidform completely destroys that look and makes you look weird.

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    Give back old shadowform. /endofstory
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vintersol View Post
    Give back old shadowform. /endofstory
    I’m leveling a priest on classic just to revel in original mindflay and shadowform. But it’s the Blizzard way, take things that work well and ruin them, replacing it with something objectively worse and less interesting.

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    I like the new shadowform really suits my voidelf

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