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    Exclamation can you guys post glyph of shadow pictures of yourself please ?

    i have issues i can't play bfa now , but i don't know what shadow priest with ( glyph of shadow ) looks like , all sources i see seems outdated or form that exist in beta only but reworked , do you guys min post pictures of your character back with ( glyph of shadow ) ? thanks

    edit : does this what it actually looks like right now or outdated ? https://i.gyazo.com/bd28bcc187e199c0...02dfd0553f.mp4
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    I've none for the actual shadow effect it applies, but know it (and Shadowy Friends) still breaks the Voidform visual:


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    They are just purple blobs.

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    Only thing that happends is the smoke is removed (semi) and you see your character a bit better, but voidform completely destroys that look and makes you look weird.

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    Give back old shadowform. /endofstory
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