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    MM trinkets

    I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out which trinkets to be shooting for. Currently I have:

    Harlan's Loaded Dice ilvl 400
    Sinister Gladiator's Medallion ilvl 405

    I was reading the icy-veins guide, and thought a Galecaller's boom of decent ilvl would be a decent increase. After simming it on raidbots, it actually would be a -0.2% and -1.0% if the Galecaller is ilvl 400. According to the icyvein guide numbers, the Galecaller should be a dps increase at 400 ilvl, should it not? Am I understanding something wrong? What trinkets SHOULD I be shooting for?
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    I've never gotten the blasted Galecaller's to drop, but if I read it correctly, it's essentially like a mage's Rune of Power. If so, then it could lose a lot of value in high movement.
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    The trinkets you have now are pretty freaking good.

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    It all depends on individual sims. Those are the general go-to trinkets and "face sim values", but in the end you must sim yourself to see what works. You must also take into account the specifics of a fight to know what is best for you. Icy veins can give you the general direction about what you might want, but it is up to you to sim yourself.

    I have a 410 Galecaller's and it isn't as great for me either, but mostly because I want to stack more and more mastery and haste sims as the secondary with the lowest value (somewhere around 1.7), whereas Mastery sims for around 2.9 per point (despite the fact that I have a bit over 1800 of it already). Versatility comes second, making the Lustrous Plumage an extremely good trinket for me.

    Bottom line is that a MM hunter will, at this point in the tier, stack as much mastery as they can and if Versatility comes up being your most valuable secondary after Mastery, then those trinkets will obviously benefit your more than a Galecaller's.

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    Galecaller's loses a lot of value when you have 3x In The Rhythm (and maybe even high base haste), since you already have so much haste during Trueshot then that Galecaller's doesnt bring much benefit.

    For me a 405 Medallion sims 0,7% lower than my ilvl 400 Galecaller's with 2x ITR but if I would add another ITR trait, it would be a 0,2% upgrade.
    Overall dps is still higher with Galecaller's and 2xITR for me. That's why it's so important to sim yourself instead of only looking at Bloodmallet sims or something.

    Sim for reference:
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    Interesting. I do have 900 haste, and currently 3x ITR. So maybe that explains it.

    Leaves me with the question then, what trinkets should I be shooting for? Should I be running 10+s to change my trinkets, or be replacing then with something from the raid?

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    The only decent trinket out of the raid is Kimbul's afaik and you would most likely replace Dice with it (for single target).
    If you want to replace your Medallion, you should sim the Plumage from King's Rest to see how it fits your gear.

    You can also run a Droptimizer Sim ( for M+ and BfD to see how much each trinket is worth on a base ilvl for your gear, then pick the highest performing ones and run a gear compare sim to see if they are worth more than your current ones with a realistic amount of warforging/titanforging.

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    You have to decide on the role. PVE or PVP?

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    You shouldn't be taking a general guide as gospel. There's always a break point where a certain stat loses value over the rest. In the end trinkets provide a pretty minimal dps increase when looking at the top and comparing it to middle of the pack
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