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    Is that "new" Tortollan WQ a private joke or something ?

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    I don't really need advice on the portals, I know the fastest way to the Caverns of Time without the direct portal, I just think the portal should still be there.

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    Survival Guide has almost as many dislikes as likes as per usual....


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    To be honest, at first I was pissed off regarding the change of the portals. Having read the update and exactly what is being changed.....well, it really is not that bad.

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    Not at all surprised that the "much requested portal room" turned out to be nothing but another means to add travel time. Tis the Activision way.

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    JoseBV is the fucking man.

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    loool 3 survival guide videos because they hold back content

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    Jaina looks so sexy in that reigns of chaos video thats why i do like her so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huehuehue View Post
    loool 3 survival guide videos because they hold back content
    Funny thing is if you add the total likes/dislikes up of all 3 the majority is dislikes.

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    A Turtle Made it to the Water.. And now its about FUCK THE TURTLES

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Survival Guide has almost as many dislikes as likes as per usual....

    I clicked on the Youtube video right away just to see the dislike counter, knew it was coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xemioza View Post
    And ppl are still crying about portals ? Pathetic xd
    To be honest? people are complaining about a lot of things. And Blizz continues to give the middle finger to them, making them cry more. I don't care for the change, since I have a mage, and all the Flight paths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhru2 View Post
    They will remove those portals for real... this is becoming unfucking belviable! Well, guess what I will remove my credit card from your too, Blizzard!
    Oof.. You had your credit card on there....

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    Can we just throw the turtle to the water instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mic_128 View Post
    It was pretty good, but I'll be damned if the low sound quality made the fight scene painful.
    Perhaps, but remember - this is just one guy making it and all he has in terms of sound is what he can dig up out of W3/WoW. I mean, sure, maybe he could enchance it somewhat, but it is still overall very impressive for what it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    But Dalaran Crater? That’s not useful.
    Let me guess, you're Horde.
    No surrender! 70 Vanguard - The Star Forge

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    Please. Diablo should fucking be free at this point. Can we get D2 remaster or what?

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    What a dumb portal guide. I found more portals removed on the PTR just last night. So, I have to take the rest of the guide with a grain of salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alopex Major View Post
    Let me guess, you're Horde.
    I play both actually. Never really noticed a huge issue getting around as either side. There’s even people posting guides about how to get around after the change that don’t hinder people as much as it seems. Yes, it’s longer going certain places, but pop on YouTube and zone out 3-5 minutes.

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    The cloak is clipping through the player's sword.

    Top tier graphics right there.

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    Well I'm glad that this new patch includes the return of Hot Tea, but I really would like Hati back too.

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