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    Couldn't have typed that up better, Tojara.

    I want to say that you could almost see this coming by looking at the Blood talents and then the traits following. This has happened 2 expansions in a row now with Blood getting talents you will never use. It's so mind-boggling that it's probably one of the straws that broke the camel's back in terms of quitting this game for some people. (Also the artifact weapon traits for Blood were known to be bad compared to the other tanks, almost like they do it on purpose.)

    Blood, you literally don't care about talents or traits and this is supposed to be fun? You don't care about 2 integral parts of the game and this is okay for Blizzard? Wow, just wow.
    We won't even bring up how Blood's damage isn't scaling now. No sh** people are gonna choose Prot Warrior in high keys, BDK simply doesn't do enough damn damage anymore.

    People look at Blood and see green grass, but when you're actually playing it all you see is swamp.
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