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    Classic WoW Discords

    Hi everyone ,
    I thought I'd compile a list of all the Discords I have discovered so far for Classic WoW and share it with everyone.
    If you know of any others I have left out, please let me know.
    [ Discord Name : Invite link (Discord Owner Username) ]

    NA - Realm Discords
    Atiesh -
    Bloodsail Buccaneers :
    Faerlina :
    Fairbanks :
    Grobbulus :
    Herod - pending
    Mankrik -
    Myzrael - pending
    Pagle :
    Thalnos - pending
    Whitemane :

    EU - Realm Discords
    Golemagg :
    Hydraxian Waterlords :
    Mirage Raceway :
    Pyrewood Village :
    Shazzrah :
    Zandalar Tribe (Alliance) :
    Zandalar Tribe (Horde) :

    Community Discords
    Classic WoW :
    ClassicWoW-EU : (Adso777#8789)
    Classic WoW Oceanic :
    Classic WoW Guilds :
    Classic WoW - No-Lifers : (Bazelle#7379)
    Classic PVP : (! STORMX on YT#1497)
    Classic Theorycrafting : : (Ayle#0752)
    Countdown to Classic : (Countdown To Classic#9730)
    Legacy-WoW : (Darkspy#7569)
    Wowhead :

    Class Discords
    Druid : (Taladril#5918)
    Hunter : (Nutty#4363)
    Mage : (Avero#2269)
    Paladin : (Avero#2269)
    Priest : (Avero#2269)
    Rogue : (Curtis#8768)
    Shaman : (Melderon#1287)
    Warlock : (Zephan#8586)
    Warrior Fight Club : (Steppenwolf#0923)
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    Did they have Discord back then? Shouldn't everyone be using Vent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torto View Post
    Did they have Discord back then? Shouldn't everyone be using Vent?
    mIRC + Vent would be the close equivalent, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by audyX View Post
    mIRC + Vent would be the close equivalent, lol.
    haha yeah I remember mIRC good work btw

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    How you dun found my Discord? Hadn't hard released it yet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Torto View Post
    Did they have Discord back then? Shouldn't everyone be using Vent?
    Nah. Teamspeak is where its at for Classic TBH. I find that once you get over 20 people in a discord it starts to get unstable and there are too many issues with it. Stability >>>>Memes.

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    thanks for the lists

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    Any feedback on which of these Servers has the more mature crowd? I joined the "Classic WoW" server and I feel like i'm just talking to a bunch of 12 year olds.
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    Hey i notice in original post that none of the discord servers are likely to be dedicated for one realm so i thought i would post mine here

    Looking for testers and potential NAwest/PST players to help me setup a discord server's permissions and structure (need feedback; about 90% of it is already setup). So far, I am planning to setup the discord server for a one dedicated WoW Classic realm. So please only use the invite below if your in the same time-zone and is planning to play on the server of its choice (when its announced). Right now its new from the time of writing this so is basically empty at the moment. I am considering a voting system to see what players want the discord server to be based on which WoW Classic realm. Feel free to test it out.

    Discord invite:

    you can copy and paste the invite in the "join a server"
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    There's a WoW Classic Oceanic discord which has several thousand users. I will find the link when I get home, unless someone else has it at hand?
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    I made a Discord for the german PvE server Everlook if any of the germans here is interested.

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    Community: Pyrewood Village Alliance Community Discord
    Language: English
    Discord invite code:

    We’ve been running a Discord for a while with all of our friends and guildies who intend to play Classic together on the same realm and faction, and recently we’ve decided to open it up to the public.

    The benefits of having a big public realm Discord server can be immense. Below you’ll find some of the key features that we try to focus on.

    Dungeon runs!
    No more standing in Ironforge spamming chat for a hour! Just ping the specific class and role you need, and even people who aren’t in the game but are still online and on Discord will be able to see it and join you!

    Need a specific item crafted or enchanted? Ping the profession role you require something from and come to a deal quickly! Don’t forget to tip the person!

    Guild Recruitment
    Created a guild? Or are you already part of a big, established guild that is looking for a few more members to fill its roster? Post your advertisement on the Discord server and have people from the same realm and faction as you see that you are currently recruiting!

    And many more reasons such as community, farming groups, LF raids and latest Classic news.

    We are mainly focusing on the Alliance side of things on the Pyrewood Village realm regarding LFG/trading/professions/guild-recruitment but anyone is welcome to join us, whether you’re Alliance or Horde, or even if you’re not on our realm and want to hang out with us.

    Thanks for reading and hope to welcome you to the already existing community.
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    Thalnos (US PVP EST) Community Discord - come join!

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    Any Discord available for Lucifron (German - EU) yet?

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    Please add the Gehennas discord link:

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    The true NA Whitemane Discord is here:

    Approaching 5,000 members and it holds the majority of the larger guilds. Hope this helps

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