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    How to Plan Gear Acquisition

    Hey guys! Just started playing GW2 and I'm having SO much fun!! I'm so excited to start playing fashion wars at end-game and I want to make a list of priority gear that I'd like to work toward. I think it's fun to set gear goals and then work toward them.

    But I just learned that the bank wardrobe does not preview ALL the gear available in game. This leaves me a little frustrated and I was wondering if there's somewhere else I can find a comprehensive list? Or an add-on? In WoW I was a big fan of mogit.

    So far people have told me "look at other players and ask them where they got their gear." But that doesn't seem very efficient

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    GW2 Wiki is extremely comprehensive

    The bottom of this page let's you view all armor sets on every race (99.9%)


    It doesn't have standalone pieces, unfortunately.


    Everything but shows up as it's icon.

    If you see something you want to craft/obtain go here


    It will tell you the steps you need to take to get it. You can even personalize your results by entering your API key (guide on the site)

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    For leveling crafting if you want to make any of the stuff on your list there is GW2Crafts:


    GW2efficiency can help with things like pointing out what gear/dyes/etc. you have locked.


    The Wardrobe unlock analyzer also helps a lot in figuring out what you need to unlock. It's always best to try and unlock all of the cheap stuff before using any guaranteed wardrobe unlocks.


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