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    Random loot and random stats scaling from vanilla -> now


    I was thinking. These days everyone knows what boss to farm for what stat and for what gear. This, imo, makes it less fun actually receiving anything really.

    What if drops were completely random, and by random I mean that _any_ gear from the game could drop at any boss? Wouldnt it be cool to receive
    a good old weapon from the past or those dreadnaught shoulders?

    I havent thought everything through yet as for what level scaling it would have, what stats would look like etc. Obviously there would be higher level
    for the latest raids. Would be fun to have gear with "value" and "rating" drop as well, if its doable by devs.

    These must-have builds and must have gear is getting old. More randomness and less pin-point farming.

    Anyone fancy the idea (in some way, shape or form)?

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    Umm only if you want to take RNG which is already complained about and amplify it tens time over into the biggest mess imaginable.

    Then sure.

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    It's already bad as it is, i dont want more RNG, in fact people want less, just look at the reaction to titanforging and Warforging

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    Why don't we make it so there is a chance you can be kicked in the balls each time an item drops. Wouldn't it be cool to receive a good kick in the balls each time an item drops from an old raid or dungeon!

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    This is it ladies and gentlemen, we now officially have some people who are actually suggesting to add more rng to the game

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    I'd even go a step further! Everything should be completely random! Drop me some plate armor on my druid! Give me swords and magic wands! Give me leather gear with +shadow damage or a chance to get kicked in the balls, as one of the other people in this thread suggested! Give me strength and intelligence as feral!

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    1.5% chance per basic attack to get your pc unplugged

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    That is the single worst idea I've ever heard. Holy shit that's terrible. People are already whining about too much RNG, and you want to add MORE? Not only more RNG, but force people who actually care about min-maxing to do ALL content (at least raid content) every week?

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    Screw it. I'll feed the 1-post troll's thread like the rest of you.

    OP's idea is stupid and we should all feel bad for even entertaining this post.

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