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    Nazdorei (Playable Naga Concept)


    Nazdorei are a rebellious group of Naga that turned against Queen Azshara and her tyrannical reign. Hundreds of years ago, they secretly returned to their faith and once again started to worship the moon goddess. During this time, many have been exposed and paid with their lives for such a treason, with only very few ending up exiled to the Abyssal Depths of Vashj'ir.
    It was only after their sacrifice that was made during the fall of Azshara that all of the faithful have finally redeemed themselves and received Elune's great blessing. They were granted the ability to return to their elven form and they took upon their new name - Nazdorei, the Children of the sea.

    Racial Skills

    One with the Water
    You turn into your Naga form instantly upon reaching the water, increasing your swimspeed by 75% and allowing you to breathe underwater.

    You heal for 100 every 3 sec while underwater. Moving, casting or receiving any damage cancels the effect.

    Increases your Haste by 1%. Also increases your chance to dodge melee attacks by 2%.

    Tide of Vengeance
    Instant cast
    Hurl a wave of water that deals (Attack power * 2) Nature damage to the target. All enemies between you and the target are knocked back.

    Two Forms
    Instant cast
    Turn into your currently inactive form.

    Water Predator
    Fishing skill increased by 15.


    Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Shaman, Mage



    Racial Mount


    Hunter Pet


    Joining the Alliance

    Before allowing them to join the Alliance, the High King demands that the Nazdorei must officialy reach out to the Kaldorei who will have the final word on whether or not are they worthy of joining the faction. Maiev Shadowsong is the first person who approaches them and she isn't particulary welcoming. After a brief but calm exchange of views, Tyrande Whisperwind joins the meeting. To Maiev's own surprise, Tyrande states the Kaldorei are in desperate need of new allies and then recalls her encounter with the Nightborne at the gates of Suramar and explains that she won't do the same mistake again with the Children of the sea. She carries on and says that she will let the Nazdorei prove their worth on their own rather than making another hasty decision. The Nazdorei then pledge their loyalty to both the Alliance and the Kaldorei and Tyrande then officially welcomes them to the Alliance.


    "I hate when a turtle makes it to the water."
    "No, I won't impersonate a murloc."
    "Okay, okay, I will. But it's the last time I'm doing it: Mrrlrllrlrgrglr!"
    "Sunwell, Nightwell, Well of Eternity... Well, I don't care!"
    "I'm really not a fan of dry humor."


    "I hope you like fishing, because we should definitely hook up!"
    "I always had a thing for landwalkers, you know?"
    "There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I'd like to catch."
    "Did you know that your body is made 70% of water? And now I'm thirsty."
    "Water you doing tonight?"
    "Have you ever dipped in the Naga pond?"

    More Distinctive Naga Look


    Female Hairstyles

    Male Hairstyles



    They are automatically switched to their elven form while on mounts.
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    I like it, but that means we have to pull some more horde elves out of nowhere.

    Light elves?

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    Feels like a bit of a cop-out to just getting straight up Naga, but only in the same way that the Worgen are a bit of a cop-out to straight up Worgen.

    I'd play one. In Naga form 90% of the time, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurve1776 View Post
    I like it, but that means we have to pull some more horde elves out of nowhere.

    Light elves?
    No we don't. They can be something else. Like Tuskarr.

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    I like how they look and all but their head look way too much like Nightborne, IMHO they should have more of their naga features on their faces / head

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    Clever way of getting around the armor/form issue with Naga. Also, nice job in "fixing" the Nightborne situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stormbringer View Post
    No we don't. They can be something else. Like Tuskarr.
    Or the undead elves that people have been asking for so long....

    Or another troll race and say "is a before elf!"

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    As has been said before we have enough elves as it is so please no San'layn, high elves, wretched etc.

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    Looks cool. I only don't like the idea of giving them crabs as their mount. I'd much rather see the snap dragons back from WC3, which looks a lot like this:

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    Why does everyone remove the four arms?

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    These are the only elves I'd willingly make an exception for. Well done!

    It's creative and unique, unlike what people come up with for Highelves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardrift View Post
    These are the only elves I'd willingly make an exception for. Well done!

    It's creative and unique, unlike what people come up with for Highelves.
    I don't know if I'd say that. People have been suggesting naga that turn into night elves as a solution for the mounting problem for literally years.

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    They looks absolutely amazing! I want

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    I love them but they should be Paladins too if they’re joining alliance.

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    Very cool, love the idea!

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    I actually like the idea, just force them into naga forms in combat like worgen. They can have some extra flavor like some additional armor due to scales or slow resistance. They can also have different naga form colors. Gear visuals shouldn't be abailable in naga form, weapons aside.

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    I want them to remain beastly so perhaps a bit more Naga about their Elven form?. The tail not displaying shoes and being wrapped on mounts shouldn't be a big deal with today's tech.

    Too much elf about the concept race.
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    Very imprrssive work.
    Would be nice if they could be druids.

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    You did a great job of creating that mock up but this game does not need any more purple elves

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    The art's extremely well done, so kudos to you on that one.

    My only real gripe is that their Elven form looks too damned much like the Shal'dorei. I do get what you were going with - Naga were Highborne before they turned into, well, Naga, but I feel like their humanoid forms are just too similar, and the addition of scales is kind of a cop out. I would have gone more with giving them Naga frills and features even while in their elven forms, and kept away from the purple skin-tone in the concept art, and instead used the more traditional Naga Blue and Green to really differentiate them from the other elves. IT might also help to put an emphasis on webbed fingers and toes, and replace the Elven ears with fin-like sails instead. Anything to help differentiate them as a reskin Highborne when they're not in their Naga form.

    As they are right now, while the concept looks really, really cool and well done, they really do just like look Highborne with Scales in their elven forms.

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