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    Feral Druid vs Rogue in BFA


    I was thinking about rolling a feral druid or a rogue for this expansion. My question is, apart form the disco cat skins and obviously the potential to play other specs in case this one doesn't work out , is there any significant reason to choose a feral druid over a rogue, or is the rogue an overall better stealth class in BFA?

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    I have seen some odd support from hardcore ferals but...NO. I played feral mainly on my druid for the previous 2 expansions and HATE it in BfA. It is a clunky empty shell. In no way should you play feral over rogue. Except for RP reasons I guess. Fucking hate what Blizz did to feral after artifact removal /spit.

    I now play boomy for raids and guardian for TW and other random stuff. There is just no reason to touch feral unless you PvP.
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    I've played Feral since Vanilla. Haven't touched my Druid in a month whereas I've been solely focusing on my Rogue instead.

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    Unless you're using your off-specs, Rogue is much more desirable when it comes to damage and utility than Feral. Feral has some good pure single target capabilities, but as a rogue you can switch between Assassination and Outlaw to outclass what Feral can do in most situations from a damage perspective. While you may get some occasional root love on Mekkatorque and perhaps a CC or two in M+, rogue utility is so much better. Again, this is coming from the perspective that all you're going to do is melee DPS, as I find the most enjoyment out of a druid is to play two or more specs.
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    I main Dru but Rogue is the alt that I play the most. Rogue is just better in lots of ways. The playstyle is better, feels better, energy regen is more smooth. Everyone knows about the utility. Feral doesnt bring those things. That being siad, my guild has a really good Feral that I run with from time to time. He pulls a lot of damage in M+ still he wouldnt be able to compete with an equally skilled Rogue. But... I would say that if you really like Feral and that is what you want to play, there is no reason why you cant or shouldnt, you just need to understand the community perception right now as Feral still being bad.

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