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    Your assumption here is that WoW is getting new players... What we have now is a more likely a consequence of WoW not getting new players.

    At least my Sunwell clear achievement is on the 3.0 pre patch date... So try again?
    Let's assume that wow isn't getting new players and it's all just current players

    My mage represents Jimmy who let's say has played BfA since launch

    Does anything change?
    The systems remain broken
    I still have no reason to do anything outside of daily emissary and invasion

    The world bosses outside of darkshore are dead gear wise
    I can get better gear from a world quest than the last raid tier

    The only reason to repeat content is RNG
    I have to do content I don't enjoy to stay caught up

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToxicFlame View Post
    never within a week, that's a flat out lie, it would usually take at least a month or two.
    More importantly you had to do an activity similar to what you were currently doing in order to replace your gear, like replacing your raid gear with gear from the new raid. In BfA the most trivial content in the game gave you mythic Uldir quality gear OR BETTER.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiskra View Post
    Doesn't this apply to, I don't know, pretty much everyone who has written a single comment in this thread? That would mean you would hate every single person in this thread, and probably a lot more people who have yet to comment. Or no, I guess your hatred actually stems from him NOT being just one voice in the crowd on a fanboy forum that you can just ignore. It's because he puts a lot of effort into making his voice heard and because people willingly give their money to support it that you dislike him.
    He puts a lot of effort into making his voice heard yes, doesn't make it a good voice though. And yeah, I have an opinion, and so does everybody else. My main issue with Preach is that he seems to think that his opinion carries more weight, and he's just very negative in general. He lacks nuance and goes for hyperboles because he knows it will get him more views. I hate people who are like that.

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