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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    You don't have to pay a dime to play them, it's your own decision.

    Plus you get a free boost with every xpac. Not their fault if you used it before on something else.

    If they didn't allow race changes or boosts to the new races, people would still complain because they wouldn't want to level.
    Keep telling yourself that they aren't.
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    Honestly I like them all.


    I'm extremely disappointed that fat humans is a thing though. At least zandalari offered new flavors with their straight back fierce posture, glowing blue eyes and elegance.

    I also play nightborne and I wish their model was more in line with the majestic nightborne we knew in Legion. (arcane energies flowing around their hands and hair. Flowing hair that moves with their running animations, etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeymootwo View Post
    So now that we have the Kul Tirans and the Zandalari we have all the Allied Races and I'm curious what people think of this new race system overall. The good and the bad. Which races do you think were done well? Which ones weren't? Do you like how you acquire heritage armor? How do you feel about the way they are released?
    I don't like the new race system. What about bringing back 1 normal race for each faction and 2 zones for them to level in. That sounds great, doesn't it?
    Or maybe make them able to start at level 15 and still make 2 zones inspired of them, but still fully available for all other races.

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    I'm 100% not a fan, but I knew that going in, as I had all 12 classes max'd before the concept was even announced.

    If I didn't, I would absolutely use the feature. As it stands it's a very occasional source of mount(s) for me, and something to mess around with on the Character screen.

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    The idea that all of them start at level 20 is a joke. It's so riddiculous to go through old quests with new races. Like AU Mag'har and Garrosh Cataclysm stroylines.

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    I wish they had more customization options. More faces, hairstyles etc. I liked most AR so far, I think the problem lies on how outdated the level up from 20 is. The other alternative is boost but you can't have the heritage armor. It seems Blizzard's policy to keep you in game as much as possible touched both the requirements to unlock the AR, and to get the armor. At least I'm gonna go over some missed areas for Loremaster.

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    These two races have never even interacted aside from Magister Umbric and Shandris Feathermoon in the first part of the War Campaign...
    Ren'dorei main.

    The Ren'dorei are the fourth most played Alliance race at max level, despite being a new race and rep-gated. It's as if the forum haters are just a vocal minority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Blatant cash grab system simply there to sell boosts and race changes.

    Nobody wanted this. People wanted customisation options for the current races.

    But instead they took a feature that's included on day 1 and timegated it knowing full well people would most likely race change some of their mains for it.

    Blizzard are basically on par with the likes of EA and Bethesda these days. Less about the product and more about the profit.
    I wanted race customization,

    Then they announced allied races. Allied races are 1000x better than a few customization options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
    the Undead AR may be Lightborn or fresh looking Undead led by Calia Menathil. We'll see.
    I'm ready for my Undead Paladin

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    I think they're a success personally. The only problem I have is just how long it takes to unlock them, especially on the faction you don't normally play as. On the faction you play on all the time, it just kind of happens organically over time anyway, on the opposite it obviously takes the same amount of effort, but it just seems like it takes longer.

    My biggest issue with them is that reputation after Friendly, reputation is SO stingy to get. Almost entirely based around World Quests and the associated Emissaries, with Expeditions being an extremely unreliable way to get it as well through the tokens they can sometimes drop.

    If they made a reliable, spammable way of earning reputation I'd be a lot more enthusiastic about it or if they had some super long epic quest chain like the Nighborne did in Suramar.

    The very apparent time gate just sucks, and I don't see the point in it. Yes, make it something you have to work for, but why the need to put some arbitrary time gate on it that says you have to grind boring shit for 2 weeks straight before you have the privilege of using this race and then starting the leveling process all over again?
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