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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    Gauging whether you can still and continue casting kinda makes it more difficult to play.
    Obviously if you do not care about min maxing it makes no difference, unless you want to argue that pressing your movement buttons and LB at the same time is somehow difficult to you.

    So yeah, playing within tighter rules creates greater difficulty, the question is whether said increase is rewarded, which is however another debate.

    You rarely played Lasso before 8.1, because the damage was abysmal.

    No idea, how about enjoying it now?
    Don't worry i got enough 100/99 percentiles as elemental i know when to press every button, but when it got to WoD and min/maxing and planning movement didn't reward shit because a hunter rolling face would destroy you on dps every day of the week why try? HFC was the first & last tier i actually raided on another character it was so bad i had like 2 mannoroth kills as ele and 20+ as BDK being useful feelsgoodman and HFC to me was the 2nd worst tier ever created due to how badly elemental played.

    but exactly my point was tighter rules never gets rewarded as elemental, blizzard loves to say MOVEMENT IS ELE'S WEAKNESS, but can't say it's strengths because it gets outclassed on survival, mobility, single target and AoE for 4 years wod-legion 4 fucking years?!!? how did that even happen, oh except it was kinda good at aoe in nighthold yay 1 moment in 4 years!

    no idea about pvp post legion, elemental was horseshit to play in 8.0 i certainly wasn't going to pvp with it.

    as for playing again sadly im done, i can't get into elemental, enjoy it again then watch the devs murder it again, it's happened every single expansion i just can't deal with their crap again it's like they have no plan they just destroy specs rebuild them with no goal in mind and then let the community tell them what needs to be fixed and fix it 6 months later, also EVERY FUCKING BETA they get feedback what elemental needs to have before xpac release and it's never ready it's always oh sorry here's a bandaid we'll fix it x.1 or x.1.5, i can't continue supporting a company like that(and elemental isn't the only spec they do that do it happens to a lot of classes and there's just no good excuse for that shit anymore.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cparle87 View Post
    Didn't think innervate worked with energy. I'll have to look into that.
    It definitely used to prior to BoD, I just tried it and it appears it doesn't work anymore.

    Ah well, still have warmode's master shapeshifter + feral affinity.

    Just goes to show how infrequently I do world quests anymore!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    as for playing again sadly im done, i can't get into elemental, enjoy it again then watch the devs murder it again
    I'm genuinely curious why you're actually still posting.

    Because if you have like no intention of returning, especially as Elemental you're just ranting about something that doesn't even affect you in the slightest (or ever will), which is just odd.
    Like that rant of yours here, it's a fucking broken record by now.

    I didn't expect Ele to be counted among the FotM at any point in BfA, yet here we are doing great even on multi dotting fights.
    Blizzard might shat over Elemental in 9.0 again, they might not, point is i'm really enjoying Elemental right now.

    If i think about what happens next expansion, then i might stop playing this game entirely, because then Blizzard hits the gear reset button and all your work becomes meaningless.
    And that is a certainty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kraid View Post
    It is done that way so healers can actually do quest on the world, the same reason I level as resto, on the lower levels lighting bolt even does way more damage than magma lol.
    Yeah, and to be honest it is pointless at this point when we all get weapons and free spec changes. What I mean is, it arrives 10 years late x)

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    Resto dps is crazy right now. A lot of guilds are utilizing them as dps/5th healer just so they have access to totems. On our Mythic Cabal attempts I was doing 20k consistently as the ranged tank, getting up to 25k on some pulls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aizen244 View Post
    I leveled to 120 before a day or so and I sold all the weapons that I had for enhancement because they were useless greens and I wanted to play resto. I was thinking, how am I going to grind world quests now? so, I gave it a try as a resto because I didn't want to bother with elemental. The result? I actually kill the mobs faster than before. It might be that I'm a bad enhancement but honestly, the mobs drop fast with the lava bursts. Just what is going on with wow...
    You can do high dps with lava bursts, but you are not a dps spec. Try to deal with +5 small mobs and you will see why you are hampered in a healing spec.

    But it is proberly a problem, especially since it seems to impact high end raiding.
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