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    Silas' sphere exploit

    People who have silas (the new alchemy item) can use that special cauldron every 10 seconds. He got 200+ flasks, various potions and even 20+ mystical cauldrons in 3 hours.
    I can't post the link but you can check this from many korean twitch streams.

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    Most likely a bug that will get fixed very soon. And with proof of twitch and google finding could see a fix a lot earlier than other bugs.

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    Surprised it hasn't become more known by now.

    I figured this out on wednesday, reported the bug and am surprised its still up.

    Imagine looting 1x flask\pot\cauldron every 15 secs, with the chance for a double item by spamming the item near end of cast (double tapping). Now imagine dozens of people around each cauldron, all looting it.

    Yea, infinite flasks and cauldrons thrown into the economy, fun times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    Many bans forthcoming.
    Basically this. Don't bother exploiting this since you'll lose the items, the gold, get a black mark and/or banned.

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    I just hope Blizzard stops this before it's too late. Too many people are exploiting this and those items being sold are ruining economy now.

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