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    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    Neither would be the "rightful" queen as neither individual has a claim on the kingdom that would be inline with rightfulness. Calia abdicated her throne for a long time, and her people (now the Forsaken) do not desire her to rule them. Sylvanas has no bloodline claim to the throne, either; though she does have the mandate of the people who now inhabit the region in the wake of the Third War. Sylvanas' claim is the stronger of the two, but neither claim would be rightful.

    What is a more rightful way to rule than by mandate of the people whom you rule? They give her the right

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    Calia renouncing the throne officially was actually removed from the Legion Beta, however her on-click line still says "It's just Calia now." Her role in Before the Storm teeters between wanting to lead the Forsaken (who she sees as her people), and not truly wanting to be the queen of Lordaeron. On one hand, she reveals herself to the gathered Forsaken, hoping they'll come to the Alliance. On the other hand, she dies, is resurrected into a holy undead by the Light, and says she has to take time before she even thinks about leading her people. Besides all that, it gets iffy (even in Warcraft) when an heir/ruler has died, even if they are brought back to life. It's not like the Thunder King immediately had claim to Pandaria when he was resurrected - he tried to get power to take it by force.

    Sylvanas never really led the Kingdom of Lordaeron by itself. She led the Forsaken in the Undercity - the remaining few free undead from all human kingdoms (and Quel'thalas) in the catacombs of Lordaeron's Capital City. While she certainly expanded territory into the rest of Lordaeron's previous land (as well as Gilneas, Dalaran, and Alterac), it should be noted that the living people of Lordaeron were allied with the Alliance before the Cataclysm - which is still the case for Lordaeron's living refugees. The rest of the old territories were (and still are) neutral, under the command of the Scourge, Scarlet Crusade, Argent Dawn/Crusade, and Silver Hand. Now, the Undercity/Capital City are destroyed as well.

    There's also the matter of Calia's daughter (*whototallyisnotTaelia*) which is a plot point brought up and dropped off in Before the Storm. It's specifically brought up (from Anduin to Calia) that if she had a child, that child could be the heir to Lordaeron. It's doubtful they would bring that up, without it being something they'll touch on later on, especially since pieces of that story seem to pop up a bit in Kul Tiras, and Calia is referenced by Jaina a few times during BfA.

    In the end, neither Sylvanas nor Calia really have a "claim" to Lordaeron, because it is no longer one united nation anymore, but instead several different areas under different banners that share borders. The Lordaeron Calia grew up in is dead and blighted, and Sylvanas started her own nation in the ruins of Lordaeron. However, it clearly is something that both Sylvanas, Calia, the Alliance, and Horde are interested in, since that has been a point of contention back and forth for years in and out of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scathan View Post
    What is a more rightful way to rule than by mandate of the people whom you rule? They give her the right
    Historically, "rightfulness" is a determination marked by blood heritage or heredity - if a throne is usurped by an outsider a blood-relation to the crown can make a claim on it, generally backed up by larger/faster army diplomacy as it were. Calia would be the rightful monarch if she hadn't abdicated the responsibility directly many years ago - as she says in Legion when you first meet her. Wresting the throne from Sylvanas would still require force, though. Sylvanas can't be "rightful" because she has no relation to the Menethil bloodline, the rightful rulers of Lordaeron - but she's still the de facto ruler both due to the mandate of the people and the fact she controls the military of Lordaeron (made almost entirely of her Forsaken).

    Rightfulness and right to rule are not quite the same thing, although it is often a distinction without a difference if you ask me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jekyll View Post
    Sylvanas Windrunner or Calia Menethil?
    The Horde's ruler, since It's Horde territory and currently that's Sylvanas, unfortunately. By right of conquest It belongs to the Horde now, and despite my love for Lordaeron I think It should be cleansed and turned Into a Horde Utopia just to spit on the Alliance heretige for funsies.
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    If it's just Calia and Sylvanas to choose from... Sylvanas actually conquered the territory and slaughtered those who took it after Lordaeron's fall.

    As I'm sure has been mentioned before, Calia was no longer in line for the throne and only had her very half assed attempt at rallying people in before the storm as her only real attempt to try and claim the throne.

    But in the current story, Lordaeron and the Undercity were lost to both parties and no one holds the region due to being unable or unwilling to hold the land

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    If you are asking legally, modern laws do not apply to wow...
    - by right of conquest the Alliance.
    - usually the right to inheritance is lost by death plus no succesors but here we have the forsaken.

    Threads like these make me wonder in how many wierd ways do people choose to spend not only their time but mental energy aswell...

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