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    I haven't created an Allied Race in probably a year. So I forgot that there's an unlock quest line. I went to create a Kul Tiran, and found out that I couldn't. It was grayed out, the tool tip stated the requirements, and I knew I met the requirements. I still couldn't create one. I even used one of those online checkers that use Blizzard's API's to check, and it said I met the requirements. I check the forums and others are having the same issue. It wasn't until a few hours later that I noticed a quest in the Stormwind Embassy did I remember that I didn't actually meet the requirements.

    This problem is quite obvious. So I can only deduce that Blizzard is intentionally leaving the final quest line out of the "requirements" because it would just make a bad situation (the work needed to unlock a simple race), look even worse.
    Hate to ruin your little conspiracy theory about deliberate Blizzard deception but the fact that there is a questline is literally stated in the first paragraph of the patch notes:

    It is also mentioned specifically for each race in the announcement posts for the new races:

    Exactly how clearly spelled out does it need to be?

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    Who are those chars avatars? I think one is a demon hunter from diablo 3 but no idea of the other ones.

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