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    Regrowth vs. Rejuv

    Hi as a new Resto drood i have a question / problem.

    Rejuv is buffed by many sources. (better mastery uptime, Treeform, azerite for a longer rejuv, easier to refresh with Flourish)

    And still.... if i compare it with regrowth.

    According to the tooltips Regrowth is more mana efficient than Rejuv.

    I checked 4 different top logs for grong mythic and several of my own. (not abundance specced)
    Even if Rejuv and Regrowth have the same overhealing percentage. (Most of the time Rejuv is higher on overhealing than regrowth)

    ... Regrowth is still more healing per mana spent (and per global spent) than rejuv.

    Isn't it better to spend less globals on healing (and do some dmg meanwhile) instead of using those globals on rejuv?

    All the guides tell me that regrowth is inefficient without procs. But the tooltip numbers and logs tell otherwise.

    Maybe my math is wrong...

    Rejuv (16sec long): 96% Spellpower over 16 secs for 10,5% Basemana
    Regrowth: 120% Spellpower upfront and afterwards 30%Spellpower over 12 secs for 14% Basemana (120+30=150% spellpower)

    Heal per mana:
    Rejuv: 96%/10,5% = 9,1 Spellpower for 1% Basemana
    Regrowth : 150%/14% = 10,7% Spellpower for 1% Basemana
    Regrowth (only upfront heal): 120%/14% = 8,6% Spellpower for 1% Basemana

    So rejuv is better IF it doesnt overheal at all and the Regrowth hot is Overhealing over its full duration.... doesnt sound very likely

    I know that the Rejuv buffs my other heals with mastery. In this case i lose the healing buff from that rejuv trait.
    The regrowth hot also buffs my mastery BUT is 4 secs shorter (12 instead of 16)

    But is it rly worth that much considering im loosing out on so many globals over the course of a fight by spamming those rejuvs.

    much blabla ... according to the tooltips and warcraftlogs numbers...regrowth is somehow more efficient than rejuv, why?^^
    (outside of treeform of course)

    Enlighten me pls.

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    Regrowth and Rejuv fill different roles, really. Regrowth is front-loaded, the HoT can be almost ignored other then for mastery purposes, while Rejuv is a pure HoT.
    So I can apply a whole load of Rejuvs before I know that raid-wide AoE is coming in, and then the heals can start ticking, combined with Flourish this can be really powerful.

    In short, Regrowth is a lot more about reacting to damage, while Rejuv in part is about anticipating it.
    Also neither of these exist in a vacuum, so its not about which of both buffs your mastery when both could be doing it at the same time.

    One last thing, Regrowth is not just a global, but an actual cast. Sure, its the same length as a global, but it does require standing still, which is quite a difference to keep in mind as well.

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    Very different spells with different purposes. It's not a matter of using one over the other. Use both.

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    regrowth is often cast on people already hotted
    and it overheals way less often
    but a lot of it just comes from high logs casting those regrowths to people that already have 1-3 hots on them already and rampant growth (that one azerite trait puts an absurd amount of extra hpm into an occasional regrowth, but less so into spammed regrowths)
    that said though, I have messed around with an abundance 3x rampant build and it's honestly not bad

    here's a log that helps represnt how big that can get from a high abund log with no rampant: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports...aling&source=2
    even with a 1-3 regrowth rejuv ratio with abund, he's not getting nearly as an absurd amount of hpm from regrowth that other logs might suggest from the only occasional benefits of rampant. Also this guy would totally have rank 1 for this first week if he had rampant (or I would if our fucking hunter hadnt ran into blast off before the last wormhole and killed himself and another grenade off his explosion and the double dot wormhole wiped us)

    anyways rejuv is better hpm, regrowth is better hpc
    also as far as abundance, it's usually behind cen ward in any short fight, but really pulls ahead on longer fights where you dont have to move much, the it basically just means you cast regrowth at 5+ rejuvs

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    You're way over thinking it. Like others have said, they fill different needs. Rejuv is more of a triage heal, whereas regrowth is more of a trauma heal.

    You should be using both, along with the other heals that druid has.

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