I've joined several communities and played around with it for some time and here are my thoughts.

1. The MOTD cannot be seen but once per day as far as I can tell. If there is a workaround to see it more than once, then its still unacceptable because its a feature very hard to find. This is bad because there could be an important message but if you close the window, the MOTD is just lost. That's very bad for communication. A very active community I am in ignores the in game calendar and schedules raids on a website. They post a link to the website in the MOTD, so that means you better copy that link when you open it for the first time or good luck seeing it again.

2. The raid calendar interface is terrible. So you can click the little folder and it will take you to the calendar. However, if you have multiple communities, it is again not intuitive WHICH community the event is for. It just says the name of the player who created it, the date and time it was created, and its got a list of signups. If I have joined like 10 communities, its not easy to tell which community this is for. There is also no way that I can see to tell the status of the event. If the event is a heroic BoD, there is nothing there on the calendar post to tell me what boss they are on, or if the raid even started, or if it fell apart already. There is a list of names but you cannot right-click them to find out any status report. Complicating this is its cross server so you cannot find out if they are online or what until you figure out which community it is and then scroll around to check their name.

However some of these seem to be getting fairly active and organized. It could be so much more.