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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    The last one was a story panel one. Not helmed by Ion. That's why it went well.
    the last one with Ion and Lore went well. that's what i'm talking about.

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    Will Shadow Priests finally after 15 years stop using a holy shield that looks like pretty glitter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeMeLaugh View Post
    I bet $1000 they will answer a question about RP servers and phasing, again, just to waste time.
    Speaking as a player on an RP server... if that happens and they don’t even consider the possibility of more merges to help low pop servers I will go absolutely fucking mental x_x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizari View Post
    Speaking as a player on an RP server... if that happens and they don’t even consider the possibility of more merges to help low pop servers I will go absolutely fucking mental x_x
    It is pretty shitty that they haven't just merged all the RP servers into the bigger ones.

    I have some characters on Moonglade EU and while there are people it's really really quiet unless you know where to go or who to talk with.

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    Why was the ability for MM hunters to switch targets mid-channel during Rapid Fire removed in 8.1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irefusetodie View Post
    Can't wait for them to answer questions about transmog, world quests, and irrelevant content.
    Thats funny you just mention all 3 things why i keep playing BFA sounds like heaven for me then

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    Why do people submit their questions here?

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    I was reminded of this when I was playing on my Shaman one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steristumpie View Post
    “If a spec hasn’t been playable for an expansion to date, and you can’t tell our paid class balance developers and qualified game developers how to do their job, you deserve an unplayable spec”

    Top fucking kek
    Wow, do you even understand English? The reason I replied to you was precisely because you didn't tell them HOW to do their job, but because you are just whining that your class should be fixed without coming up with a proper suggestion.

    People like you still exist in 2k19? Kek Top KEkEK freaking fakin KekU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqweeta View Post
    100% agree. Then you've got delusional people here who say the previous ones were "good" or "decent". I'm just like... Wow. I mean I'm all for defending a game you love, but, when it's THIS bad... How can you?? (granted these people likely started during WoD or so, so they've never known or experienced the golden age of World of Warcraft)
    I prefer having this than nothing, and sometimes they say really nice or useful things, what I'm amazed is that people can't even see that and enter full rage mode with it, I agree 70% of the time or de questions are meh or stupid, but let's not pretend like there has never been something useful answered or asked, and let's not pretend that it's better if these Q&A don't exists.

    If they do as some people say and stop doing them, later there will be tears and salt that they are scummy because they stopped doing them, and please don't deny this at least

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obelisk Kai View Post
    As am I.

    It is the save the game patch.

    It offers two new landmasses. Two new dungeons (Mechagon split into two). A new raid. A new world quest system. A new Azerite armour system (and the jettisoning of the horrendously flawed old one) and laying the ground for the next Allied races (Vulpera, Mecha-Gnomes and Ankora are all candidates, with the first two being practically shoe-ins).

    Haven't felt this excited about WoW news since the 8.1 preview but 8.2 is going to be a gargantuan patch, maybe even the biggest they have ever done.
    Agreed 100% ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stormbringer View Post
    A minute sounds more reasonable to me. That way, if the Q&A is only 50 minutes long, and it takes ten seconds to read each question, he can get through approximately 42 questions (6 questions and answers taking 7 minutes).
    If they were machines yeah sure, they do take too long answering some questions that don't deserve more than 20 sec tho, that's true. But there are also some questions that I'm glad he takes his time to explain, It's fun to see that people think that if you study law is like you get some superpowers to talk and now everything you say is lawish and scummy hahahahah

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    There's only one question really;

    The Enhancement Shaman Redesign, anyone?

    It's just that the spec is completely forgotten after losing Legion artifacts and probably the original reason why I'm not playing the game anymore. If Enhancement were redesigned like Demonology was I wouldn't have had to reroll to some other class which doesn't feel like mine in the game..

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    Just like the last few gonna skip it and just read the cliff notes on this site. Get the info in minutes instead in a hour

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    Not really surprised, but people are asking questions in this news post.

    there's the na thread, not sure if theres an eu

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrExcelion View Post
    there's the na thread, not sure if theres an eu
    The EU thread is here:

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    As much as I’ve never watched a Q&A (we get clifs notes anyways), I get why people are upset with them. Ion reminds me of a supervisor I have that you can ask a yes or no question and get 20 minutes of explanation you didn’t ask for or need.

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    When are you going to make cross platform supported for non pc users for the games? I'd like to be able to have my friend on ps4 playing diablo 3 playw ith me on my games while i use personal computer?

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