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    People really have to understand that in Vanilla you are playing a class, not a spec!

    Also, having the right stats matters and having multiple sets of gear is essential if you want to utilize the full potential of your class, especially when playing hybrids.

    For example, even if you spec into Retribution you are still a Paladin which means a hybrid role. You don't suddenly become a pure DPS like on retail. By putting points in a talent tree you merely improve one of the aspects of your class. That means Holy tree makes you better at healing. Prot tree makes you better at taking damage. Ret tree makes you better at dealing damage. You can run a 20/0/31 Holy/Ret-hybrid-build, put on your +heal cloth and be a decent healer for Boss A or deal damage with your 2h and strength gear for Boss B. But you will always be way behind a pure DPS as a Paladin regardless of your spec.

    Also understand that not all specs cater to the strengths of a class or what is most needed in certain types of content. Ret Pally RNG burst damage can be fun for randomly one-shotting people in PvP but is irrelevant in raids because of awful sustained DPS. In contrast, Holy Paladins have awesome synergy with their talents making them very strong, unOOMable single-target healers with great utility and survivability for both PvE and PvP. There's practically nothing of interest that a Ret Paladin can bring to the group that a Holy Paladin can't. But the Ret Paladin sacrifices almost all of his healing capabilities to become a 50% DPS while the Holy Paladin sacrifices almost all of his little DPS capabilities to become one of the strongest healers. Choose wisely.

    Exactly the same is true for other classes. An Arms/Warrior can and will tank with his tank gear set. Fury/Prot-Hybrids are actually awesome for tanking any type of content with the right gear and raid support. A Fire Mage will still deal decent damage when casting Frostbolts and a PvP-specced Rogue will be doing more DPS than a Shadow Priest. Because that's just how overall class design & balance in Vanilla work.

    So my advice is: pick a class, not a spec and understand how that will impact your Classic experience.

    Expect to heal as a hybrid in raids. Expect to tank as a Warrior in dungeons. Expect to respec and change your gear for different types of content you play as any class. Don't just stick to one niche of your class because that's not how Vanilla works and you miss out on a lot of what made it interesting socially and gameplay-wise. If all you want to do is DPS then you should really consider rolling a pure DPS class. If you just want to tank as Paladin then accept that you won't see a lot of raids from the inside and/or will have a really tough time finding a guild. Make the right choice, guys. Rerolling won't be easy in Classic
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